Litecoin Vs Ripple Vs IOTA Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 USD Rate

Litecoin Vs Ripple

Is Litecoin growth rate help to boost ranking in highest market cap or not? This is also most asked question because Litecoin and Ripple has very small difference in market cap price but Litecoin showing huge percentage of growth there huge possibility to Litecoin will beat Ripple and capture 5th position as this battle was started 5 month ago in which every time Litecoin come closer to Ripple but that instant again prices hiked and again Ripple wins at race just because of steady price in month wise graph report but while all cryptocurrency prices hiking with huge percentage that time Ripple looks quite silent in price result so from two months Litecoin able to secure win over Ripple but as per trade expert report there are huge chances of Ripple will give tough competition to newly launched IOTA who comes from nowhere and grabs 4th position in market cap who defeated most stable currency so in this battle winner is Litecoin.

CryptocurrenyDecember 2017 Peak Rate in Percentage

Report: Litecoin Price are 96 USD to 230 USD in December month but Ripple is showing highest surge in price from shifting from 0.26 USD to 2.2 USD in just one month and IOTA is showing steady report from in new year but has good report in December month with price change from 1.33 USD to 3.66 USD, but right now after jumping on second position in market cap table Ripple become biggest cryptocurrency of low coin price.

Ripple Price Prediction

Update Date: 22 January 2018

 Month Year Litecoin Price Prediction
June 2018$163 USD
October 2018$180 USD
December 2018$175 USD

Litecoin Vs IOTA

IOTA reaching new heights day by day because after setting record breaking growth rate with 1006% reaches to 5.5 USD from 0.45 in just one month so after this report in December 2017 which falls in favour of IOTA as we know Bitcoin already dominated growth rate table so there are fluctuation in prices which stopped many investor from investing but IOTA with low price of 5.5 USD making his presence with huge rate so many investor already started investing in IOTA which means in upcoming days this cryptocurrency shows same growth like November to December month and as we comparing Litecoin which has growth rate over 220% which 5 times lesser than IOTA so in this battle or war of cryptocurrency IOTA is winner.

Litecoin Prediction

Litecoin Prediction
Litecoin Prediction

Quite interesting because as we talking about price change Litecoin comes in mind because in just one month it shifted 51$ to 181$ and this become highest price till date of Litecoin and talking about per year growth rate then its nearly 1600% which nearly closes with Bitcoin so Litecoin has same growth rate like Bitcoin so as we talking about investment point of view those who investing for long time means more than 6 month then Litecoin will be great choice and will be give good profit amount but If you thinking to invest for 2 to 3 month then then don’t think about and always remember in cryptocurrency investment you have to always has to pay patience.

Litecoin Price Prediction in 2018

YearLitecoin Price Prediction
June 2018 252 USD
July 2018 295 USD
August 2018 350 USD
December 2018 500 USD

Litecoin Price Prediction in 2019

YearLitecoin Price Prediction
January 2019556 USD
April 2019657 USD
August 2019807 USD
December 20191000 USD

Litecoin Price Prediction in 2020

Year Litecoin Price Prediction
January 20201202 USD
April 20201350 USD
August 20201537 USD
December 20202008 USD

Note: above report are set year wise with considering December month so in two year price difference will be in the range of predicted amount.

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Ripple Prediction

Ripple Prediction
Ripple Prediction

As other cryptocurrency making new record with prices but Ripple is steady with growth rate as compare to previous month from November to December month only 6% growth has been seen but so investor there is no scope of increasing till end of January month so investor wait till next year then start investing now what stats says as we noted price on 1st November is 0.20 USD and with 6% growth rate on 1 December price note is 0.25 so there is no bubble in price in December so ripple will show his dominance expected to be in next year.

YearRipple Price Prediction Avg.
Begining of 2018  2.26 USD
End of 20185.5 USD
201925 USD
202035 USD

Note: above report has non steady increase rate just because after two year Ripple expected to have awesome price because other cryptocurrency will reach his limit of market cap which automatically stopped investment and also fluctuation will be stopped.

IOTA Prediction

IOTA Prediction
IOTA Prediction

IOTA become more popular just because of jump from 22th position to 4th position beating Ripple and Litecoin because of Tangle which is new technology of Exchange or transfer currency has more convenient features and also charges less percentage for converting one currency to another so with more than thousand percent in growth its increasing but from last week report it dropped with 1 USD but IOTA in future will show huge growth so investor of both type long timer and short timer go for IOTA as we suggesting for IOTA only for short time because of it steady with per hour and per day report

YearIOTA Price Prediction
Begining of 2018 5.5 USD
end of 201815.8 USD
201925 USD
202055 USD

Note: above report recent month growth report we have predicted amount with steady percentage

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Litecoin Vs Ripple Vs IOTA

This comparison helpful for who wanted to invest small amount of money because price rate is less than 200 USD marks as top 3 cryptocurrency already cross 500 USD mark as Litecoin started growing from last week but IOTA is growing since one month with steady growth rate but Ripple prices are stable as compare to previous month all time winner will be IOTA and as day wise report Litecoin is winner but my suggestion is go with IOTA because its report looks more stable than other two and Ripple not event in this competition for more analysis take look at below table.

Market cap$13,011,843,805 *$10,288,070,915 USD *$12,171,424,133
Growth Rate220% *65% *1003%*
Market cap Position6th3th10th 
Calculating Supply54,265,533 LTC   *38,739,144,847 XRP*2,779,530,283 MIOTA *            

Note: above estimate report is noted on 12 December which may differ after this day and “*” indicate change in value.

Update 16th December 2017: Litecoin price drop after reaching all time high at price now from today it started showing 12% growth rate in per day and this rate will be continue till end of December month in which on weekend only there will growth and on non weekend there is small drop rate in price so we could say this year Litecoin will be steady like Ripple.

Update-17th December 2017: IOTA showing per day growth with nearly 15.26%, Ripple with 3.01% and Litecoin with 1.56% so after seeing at this report we could say they showing steady report with small percentage and good news for IOTA investor for dropping prices for 4 days finally IOTA is back which means competition will restart for gaining 5th position.

Update-8th January 2018: New year is turning out to be great for only Ripple but after one week  today it shows -18.91% drop rate and litecoin after shifting 7th position showing less price fluctuation but having same growth and drop rate of -11.25% in January month, IOTA is shows less price difference in new year and today gets  -0.16% small dropped in price.

Update-22nd January 2018: For ripple January beginning is turning out to be awesome, but for IOTA and Litecoin Begining is worst because there price showing steady report and also get affected in cryptocurrency crash, as main reason behind this is Maximium supply reaches to its limit so it started losing number of investor, so hopefully we will witness in upcoming days.

Update-3rd April 2018: Litecoin dropped to 7th position currently trading at price $151 USD means nearly dropped by 55% of its highest price i.e. $355 USD so it clearly indicate LTC losing momentum and they are planning to launch hard fork version and also they have more new technology is going to added in future with newest version of Blockchain and right now 50% total supply is still available for trading & mining, Ripple is doing exceptionally awesome because in February month Ripple defeat Ethereum to become 2nd most highest market cap holder cryptocurrency but later it dropped because of low priced cryptocurrency there is shortage of maximum supply resulting into there is no supply is available which stopped market cap fluctuation and prices started dropping with huge rate and again there is loss in number of investor, IOTA was pretty silent during January & February 2018 and maintaining average price of $3 USD, as because there are no other cryptocurrency is based on IOT technology that why during cryptocurrency crash there huge loss in price.