Loom Network Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020 Forecast, Wiki

Loom Coin Price Prediction

Loom Network is providing platform to online games and social apps via Blockchain technology, as this cryptocurrency gaining huge attention because prices are rises from $0.075 USD to $0.45 in less than 2 months with 500% growth rate means currently Loom Coin showing growth rate of nearly 250+% per month with this 45% of total supply is still remaining so this will be great choice right now for investing in Loom, as currently there are many more cryptocurrency is launching very soon who also having same topic, but loop was launched early in march 2018 where cryptocurrency is suffering from crash i.e. prices are falling down with huge percentage but talking about April 2018 it looks like Cryptocurrency gaining momentum again because many crypto including top coins Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum also showing little bit of growth in price, but Loom Coin almost hiked by 200% in from 1st April 2018 to 3rd May 2018.

YearLoom Network (Coin) Price Prediction (minimum) Avg.
2018$0.66 USD
2019$3.3 USD
2020$11.4 USD

Note:above prediction is set considering 120% per month growth rate.

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Loom Price Prediction 2018

Loom was indexed on coin market cap in March 2018 and doing exceptionally good in price chart because they are continuously growing with steady growth rate, now looking forward how much will Loom Network worth in 2 to 5 years, so after having impressive start this cryptocurrency has to maintain same momentum for few weeks because they already enter into top 100 cryptocurrrency and if they maintain their growth rate then they surely will be into top 50 cryptocurrency where they will get more number of investor which shake market cap value and again price started hiking with skyrocket speed and again loom will break many record which is previously set in December & January 2018 month and with this till August 2018 Loom will worth nearly $0.62 USD, again following ups and down in price till December 2018 it will cross $1 USD mark easily.

Month & Year Loom Network Price Prediction
June 2018$0.53 USD
October 2018$0.89 USD
December 2018$1.6 USD

Note: considering cryptocurrency crash and price on the moon event we have set above figure.

Loom Coin Price Prediction
Loom Coin Price Prediction

Loom Price Prediction 2020

gaming and social apps industry gaining huge attention because every day thousands of new application and different kind of games launched and over billion of users worldwide is online at time and to buy premium game user need to pay huge money so if Loom is also doing same because they allow to user to build games and apps so they can be sale in very low price, so any customer will afford such aspects, so at current situation it popularity of gaming in youth in increasing and also number of user also using so in somewhere in 2020 this two platform will be having huge demand and surely Loom will first currency will be used to buy games online, so loom expected to have great future and in 2020 it will makes awesome beginning by crossing $10 USD mark and till end of 2020 i.e. somewhere in December 2020 loom will reach $19 USD price.

Month & YearLoom Network Forecast
January 2020$11.2 USD
August 2020$15.3 USD
December 2020$20 USD

Note: average 120% growth rate from December 2018 which turns above figure into reality.

Loom Network Wiki

cryptocurrency NameLoom Network 
Ticker symbolLoom coin
TechnologyGaming & Social App Blockchain
Maximum Supply1,000,000,000 LOOM
Year of Introduction2018
Coinmaketcap listing14 march 2010
Official websiteloomx.io
ExchangeBinance, Kucoin, Yobit, IDEx

Note: above table will be updated soon.

Loom Coin Prediction

  • When Will Loom Coin Reach $1 USD?

Ans: December 2018 

  • Can Loom Reach $10 USD?

Ans: Yes, in 2020 year 

  • How Much Loom Network Worth in 2 to 5 years?

Ans: in 2 year it will worth $20 USD and in 5 years it will worth $55 USD. 

Note: if you planning to invest in Loom Network then you have to thinking for long terms investment which means once you make investment you have to wait for 5 to 6 months because Loom is newly launched cryptocurrency and current growth is happening because of Initial coin offering huge response from user, so possibly in future Loom may dropped in price.