LUN Coin (Lunyr) Price Prediction 2018, 2020, Forecast Future Rate in USD

LUN Price Prediction

LUN Coin showing rocking growth on 24th February 2018 of 84% in less than 24 hours, as Prices surge from $15 USD to $24 USD and there will be more growth will be seen in upcoming days, so right now Lunyr cryptocurrency is become sensation with this this coin seeking attention of investor and main reason behind this is it maximum supply Is closer to calculating supply as per many coin who already reached to maximum supply shown huge surge in price for than 2 weeks and after that it started showing continuous dropped in prices and we have live example i.e. Ripple cryptocurrency who become most talked coin in February because with continuous growth in price it defeat one of the second most strongest cryptocurrency Ethereum and Ripple is set all time highest record with $3.2 USD, so following this LUN expected show same performance till first week of march 2018, investing right now will be great choice.

Month & YearLunyr Price Prediction
End of 2018$75 USD
2019$180 USD
2020$245 USD

Note: with average 32% growth rate.

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LUN Price Prediction 2018

Lunyr is getting pretty more attention than other cryptocurrency is because it based on pay for writing just like tron coin, as main tron is also reaches to all time highest and already show huge percentage of growth so Lunyr is best replacement for right now as pay for content based cryptocurrency, now talking about price prediction, then as LUN listed on coin market cap in may 2017 with $2.27 USD price and showing consistent growth till August 2017 then sudden growth has been there in which it reaches to 2017 year all time highest with $26 USD, after august month till end of December 2017 it maintain price of average $6 USD and then in last week of December 2017 just like other top cryptocurrency it started surging with skyrocket speed along with bitcoin, ripple and Ethereum and average 35% growth rate it reaches to all time highest on 10th January 2018 with $65 USD and maintaining till 15th January, then unexpected happen i.e. cryptocurrency which is longer than expected in that LUN Coin continuous dropping with huge rate for 15 days and on last day of January it shows some recovery and now maintaining price in February 2018.

Month & YearLUN Coin Price Prediction
April 2018$32 USD
August 2018$46 USD
December 2018$73 USD

Note: with 35% per month surge rate.


LUN Price Prediction
LUN Price Prediction

Lunyr Price Prediction 2020

Lunyr in 2020 is quite interesting as Petro is only cryptocurrency who is legal right now and other cryptocurrency not yet get any status till now, but in current situation many old cryptocurrency rebranded or started creating hard fork so they can increase their maximum supply, so if lunyr get rebranded and increased supply then price fluctuation will be begin and restart gaining attention from huge number of investor and keep helping them in generating good marketcap value and also maintain ranking sorted by highest market cap value, which depend on number of investor and money, so more likely lun coin will be closer to $230 USD price till end of December 2020 and will start 2020 year by crossing 150 USD mark.

Month & YearPrice Prediction
January 2020$150 USD
August 2020$190 USD
December 2020$230 USD

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LUN Coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameLunyr
Ticker SymbolLUN Coin
Maximum Supply2,703,356 LUN
Date of IntroductionMay 2017
TechnologyContent Advertisement Blockchain
ServicePay for Content
ExchangeBinance, Changelly, HitBTC, Bittrex, YoBit
WalletLedger, MyEtherWalllet