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Monacoin Prediction
Monacoin Prediction

Monacoin is launched in 2014 which works on the basis of Japanese Text character algorithm currently holding 24th Position on highest market cap list noted on 11 December 2017 and expected to enter into Top 10 cryptocurrency on 2018 year because growth rate of Monacoin remain steady from last three month in which on 1 October 2017 we noted price which is 0.51 USD then with growth rate of 243% Monacoin price noted on 1 November is 2.92 and then on December month when all other cryptocurrency rapidly increases manacoin grabs everyone attention because on 6 December 2017 Monacoin create new record with 1631% growth it reaches to 19.33 USD highest till date, as IOTA coin who holding 4th position who defeated Ripple and Litecoin was holding position in between 20 to 30 and also with 1003% growth rate directly jumped on 4th position so looking at report for IOTA performance Monacoin has same potential to come nearer to IOTA and another reason it increasing with huge growth rate is because of its first cryptocurrency of Japan which is most used currency of exchange in Japan which has many successful business so Mona coin has partnership with Many biggest company of Japan and many other still in queue of making partnership.

Monacoin Cryptocurrency

Market cap $826,527,052 USD
Calculating Supply 55,931,550 MONA
Highest Market cap position 24th
Growth Rate Per Month 1600%
Official Website
Description The first Japanese Cryptocurrency

Note: above value is set from November to December month report and coin graph which may change in upcoming days.

How to Buy Monacoin in US, India, UK

  1. First Buy Bitcoin (BTC)

For USA citizen follow below platform to Buy Bitcoin

  • Coinbase
  • Coinspot
  • Gdax

Bitfinex is currently discontinued for United States citizen and you can Buy Bitcoin using paypal, Bank of America, credit/debit card.

For India citizen use below Platform

  • Bitfinex
  • koinex
  • Zebpay
  • Unicoin

You can use any online banking payment method, Paypal, Bank transfer from Any Nationalise bank

For United Kingdom citizen follow below BTC option

  • Bistamp
  • Coinfloor
  • Bitfinex
  • Coinbase

Buy with using Euro currency via Paypal, Bank of UK online payment debit or credit card.

  1. Create New Account on Cryptocurrency Exchange Portal which trades Monacoin

Below currency exchanger available worldwide which is used to Exchange one cryptocurrency to other and also transfer BTC from other Portal.

  • Binance
  • Bleutrade
  • Zaif
  • Livecoin
  • Bittrex

After you create in above option you have confirm your email address and other important details for security reason.

  1. Create Deposit Address From Exchange Portal mentioned Above

You have to generate address which help to transfer BTC to Exchange Portal to convert bitcoin into Mona coin.

  • Go to deposit Withdrawal or Accept bitcoin option
  • Then generate Transfer Address

Copy transfer address from exchange portal

  1. Send BTC to Exchange Portal by Entering Transfer Address

Select transfer option then click on send bitcoin from bitcoin wallet then select amount in USD or btc then paste transfer option click on continue option.

  1. Exchange BTC to Monacoin with Trading

BTC transfer from Buying to trading site takes 5 minute then go to trade option to btc to monacoin coin then enter amount from wallet and click on continue button

  • Now you successfully created Monacoin wallet

Note: From transfer trades portal orange colour highlighted portal are most recommended or most used platform for Mona coin

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Monacoin Prediction

We noted that Monacoin has growth rate nearly 1600% in 2018 year Monacoin price will reach 67 USD in 2018 year and so its perfect time to invest Monacoin as only Japanese own cryptocurrency will be future and create huge impact on highest market cap now its based on totally different platform which advanced to huge growth rate in future and Monacoin has potential to become 2020 year biggest cryptocurrency on world.

Monacoin Mining

Its perfect time to mine Monacoin because low price as this time mining Ethereum, Bictoin and Bitcoin cash so miners follow below best service to mine Bitcoin.


Use above miner at own risk we just giving top listed Monacoin miner.