Monero Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | XMR Forecast Estimate

Monero Price Prediction

Monero was established on 2014 based on similar like Blockchain Technology fully opens source which supports many different operating system like Windows, Linux, Android and MacOS and other by focusing some modification in Blockchain technology by focusing on privacy, Scalability and Decentralization, as Monero was started with 1.2 USD  Price and now prices touched nearly 391 USD and showing really awesome steady peak rate and till end of 2018 crossed 1000 USD mark with all-time highest, now Monero was showing huge growth in price as December is turning out to be record breaker month so along with other cryptocurrency Monero Showing his presence with 142.8% peak from November to December month and If this peak rate continue till end of next year January month then XMR prices will reached to nearly 558.3 USD so investing right now will be great choice if you planning to invest in cryptocurrency.

Year Monero Price Prediction
2018 $557 USD
2019 $9411.7 USD
2020 $36799.7USD

Note: Above report set 9411.7% per year price peak rate which was calculated from Price difference of December 2016 to December 2017.

 Monero Price Prediction 2018

Monero Price Prediction
Monero Price Prediction

On 25 November 2017 price noted 161 USD and now price changes by 142.8% peak rate and now shifted 391 USD as we have seen cryptocurrency crash few day ago in which all cryptocurrency dropping with more than 20% that time Monero also gets effected but in small drop rate in with following steady range of price and talking about January 2018 it surely cross 500 USD and then till March month expected to reach 1000 USD mark and become 5th cryptocurrency to reach this record after Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash and Ethereum, Litecoin expected to coming closer to this.


Month & Year Monero Prediction
January 2018 $556 USD
February 2018 $1203 USD
March 2018 $1834 USD
April 2018 $2458 USD
May 2018 $2808 USD
June 2018 $3650 USD
July 2018 $4686 USD
August 2018 $5723 USD
September 2018 $6743 USD
October 2018 $7802 USD
November 2018 $8850 USD
December 2018 $9117 USD

Note: With steady and fluctuating we set above values.

Monero Price Prediction 2019

Monero in 2019 expected to cross second all-time highest record by crossing 10,000 USD, as buying selling of Monero becoming easier and users can directly exchange respected country currency to Monero coin but now to Buy XMR coin you have to first Buy Bitcoin or Ethereum and then buy using exchange portal you have to convert Wallet of Bitcoin into Monero coin in which other cryptocurrency gaining more market cap in transaction fees, so if this all process ignore in 2019, then it will help to grow more coin market cap and grab more attention from investor and which directly create impact on prices of Monero.

Month & Year XMR Price Prediction
January 2019 $9411.7 USD
February 2019 $11563 USD
March 2019 $19567 USD
April 2019 $23459 USD
May 2019 $2608 USD
June 2019 $26324 USD
July 2019 $28320 USD
August 2019 $27641 USD
September 2019 $30700 USD
October 2019 $29434 USD
November 2019 $32865 USD
December 2019 $35669 USD

Note: above value set by dividing number of month by per year peak rate of 9411.7%

Monero Price Prediction 2020

Monero will cross 35K USD Mark till end of 2020 as many predictor talking about Bitcoin Price Prediction then till end of January month 2018 BTC price crosses nearly 40K USD now many of you thinking why Monero prices growing really slow as we know Bitcoin is game changer cryptocurrency world and also makes everyone notice about what is cryptocurrency and power of coin market in investing market, as Monero also come closer to making partnership big company, as on highest market table Monero giving tough competition to Dash, Litecoin, IOTA, cardano and expected to hold 6th position.

Month & Year XMR Price Forecast
January 2020 $36799.7USD
February 2020 $34526 USD
March 2020 $38235 USD
April 2020 $44,653 USD
May 2020 $47,652 USD
June 2020 $48,645 USD
July 2020 $59082 USD
August 2020 $61346 USD
September 2020 $62345 USD
October 2020 $67327 USD
November 2020 $75,732 USD
December 2020 $77,853 USD

Note: in 2020 there will be low fluctuation in prices as compare to previous year.