Most Flexible Cryptocurrency (Coin) 2018 Highest Total/Maximum Supply To Buy

Most Flexible Cryptocurrency

Before we start you should know What actually means Flexible cryptocurrency? So here we Start, as right now there are many cryptocurrency who suffering from low limited Supply of Coins or low Maximum supply, which affect on price fluctuation means there is very small increment and decrement in price because of this there is less interaction from investor for investing money in specific Cryptocurrency, so to keep price fluctuation on Cryptocurrency contain multi-million maximum Supply so the terms Flexible also means coin which has more supply of coins with high price will be perfect choice for investment, as right now many top coins suffering from huge dropped in price because of less flexibility and high transaction fees so right now Ripple is Buzzing in Crypto world.

Most Flexible Cryptocurrency
Most Flexible Cryptocurrency

Ripple got huge chances to become next Bitcoin because in many feature like transaction approval time, low transaction fees, high security, smart contract, number of transaction per second, so in future there many top coins is launching hard fork means better version by keeping same Blockchain and improving some features as Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum already next version i.e. Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin Cash and Ethereum Classic to get more supply, as last Kodak Photography product based cryptocurrency launched with multi-billion maximum Supply which will be most flexible cryptocurrency in Future.

Most Flexible Cryptocurrency 2018

  1. Kodak Coin: Kodak Coin is launched in February 2018 and just finished first Initial Coin Offering as Kodak Coin is first Image copyright and Photography based on Kodakone Blockchain Platform, which expected to have multi-million total Supply and as they not yet announced but as per sources Kodak Coin will have highest total Supply in cryptocurrency.
  2. SiaCoin: Siacoin is product-based cryptocurrency who providing cheapest Cloud Storage than Google, Amazon and also launched online marketplace where product can be purchased using Sia Coin, as there is no update of how much Total Supply as Sia Coin is crossed 33 billion in Calculating Supply.
  3. MintCoin: MINT is ticker Symbol of Mintcoin which is based on Eco-friendly PSO designed fresh dual-purpose cryptocurrency which has huge calculating Supply of 24 Billion Mint Coin, so there is no official updates on Maximum Supply and also based on proof of stake technology.
  4. DogeCoin: one of the oldest cryptocurrency which was launched in 2013 based on Blockchain invented by Doge Internet Meme or Joke Currency, which has logo Japanese dog name Shiba Inu and currently ranking under top 50 cryptocurrency with over 100 Billion dogecoin till now distributed and gaining huge market cap value along with consistent ups, down in prices which has huge potential to become top 5 highest market cap holder in 2018.
  5. Ripple: Ripple has huge maximum supply of 100 Billion XRP but things in just because of better performance in market and low price for per coin Ripple gets huge attention from investor in 2018 year which result it reaches to maximum Supply and right now it started losing number of investor because of continuously dropping and after crossing $3 USD mark it again starting losing momentum again falls down under $1 USD Price.

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Highest Maximum Supply Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency NameCalculating Supply
Bytecoin183,773,692,502 BCN
Dogecoin113,530,399,613 DOGE
Mintcoin24,947,260,808 MINT
Siacoin33,007,559,244 SC
Ripple99,992,520,283 XRP