MTCX Coin Price, How to Buy in India, Cryptocurrency, Prediction, Wallet


Today IPL auction is going on a show in which attract millions of people and currently watching in between this MTCX India advertisement is feature in which they mentions, this is Indian biggest cryptocurrency portal in which user can Buy Bitcoin, Other major cryptocurrency currently at top position and along with Buying cryptocurrency user allow to hold that and sell specific coin, as right now there are many trading portal like Zebpay, Koinex, Unicoin, ATC Coin which suffering from huge load of user because of this they pause trading for user and also stopped sign up for new user, so MTCX India has huge possibility to get millions of user, so along with Launching Trading portal they also launched MTCX Coin, I.e. India’s 4th Cryptocurrency after Laxmi coin, ATC coin, so people will show huge interest got buying Indian Country owned Cryptocurrency.

MTCX Coin Price

1 MTCX : 23474 INR

1 MTCX : 335.34 USD

Above price is noted on 27 January 2018 and price changes on hourly, Daily basis so to check exact price then follow below steps:

  • Go to official portal to Trade MTCX Coin
  • Then on home page of this you have MTCX coin per coin price in INR and USD
  • To know exact Buying and Selling price of this coin then sign up into account and then go to trading option.

As cryptocurrency is nowadays gaining huge attention because as compare to other investment option then this platform give more percentage of profit, so right now all over world cryptocurrency is trending, as right now Indian need coin which has low priced and easily available for trading, which showing continuous peak rate, so at the beginning of January 2018 sudden increased in number of buyers for Ripple, which result this coin raised from 0.6 USD to 3.5 USD highest all time and in this report Asian investor are more in number, so looking forward to cryptocurrency in future, Price of MTCX will shows huge growth in Future.

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How to Buy MTCX Coin in India

As MTCX India is trading company who launched their own cryptocurrency, which is available for trading along with bitcoin and other altcoin on same portal.

  • First Sign up on MTCXindia .com
  • Enter email address or Mobile to verify OTP
  • Then confirm your email address or mobile number by entering OTP send.
  • Then you have to wait for confirmation e-KYC with Pan Card to this follow appropriated steps
  • Once you Verify e-KYC then on authentication for more security
  • then you can trade available cryptocurrency or MTCX coin with price display on homepage
  • you will get different option like Online Banking, Credit Card, Debit card and there is huge expectation that Paytm and other App will be also allowed to exchange currency.

MTCX Cryptocurrency

MTCX cryptocurrency is future in India, because along with this in upcoming days JIO biggest Telecom company of India Owned by Reliance rumoured to be enter into cryptocurrency market by launching JIO coin, as there is no confirmation from Official but after looking at requirement of turning business into cryptocurrency is now become trend so expectation is too high, and also Laxmi coin is already started Initial Coin offering by arranging different program and official ICO will started on 1 March 2018, so already In India new cryptocurrency is going to launched which is going to be based on Blockchain or IOT platform, so MTCX will get new competitor.

MTCX Coin Wallet

MTCX India is also available in App format and they already makes announcement of Holding cryptocurrency so they official providing Wallet for MTCX coin on same portal, so user no need to find any un-official wallet for MTCX coin.

MTCX Price Prediction

Talking about Price Prediction then in 2018 many cryptocurrencies facing huge price dropped because of Total Supply shortage but newly launched enter into highest gainer in cryptocurrency world, so MTCX will show huge growth in Initial days like till end of February 2018, this coin will consistent in growth, and will reached 1 Lakh price till 2020. So below we have giving expected price prediction from 2018 to 2021 with average growth rate.