Narrative (NRV Coin) Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 Future Forecast

Narrative Price Prediction

Narrative Initial coin offering program getting good response and just few days left to ends NRVE Coin ICO and almost over 70% token is sold out just because this newly launched cryptocurrency based on content economy in which user who content writer, publisher, modifier will get paid up to 85% of Revenue generated from users works, as right now there many content based sites like Steemit, medium and many more who is paying for content but percentage for every content from revenue is really low, so this will be awesome news for content creator and this coin will give tough competition to other competitor because there are thousands of article published everyday, so if there is payout through by rewarding Narrative coin then marketcap value continuously start rising which keeps price fluctuation alive which will attract number of investor, as there is no official announcement on total supply but Narrative has to maintain their supply to the huge limit.

Narrative Price Prediction 2018

in 2018 there many content economy based cryptocurrecy are launched and some of them also providing advertisement platform so if narrative give good service and instant payout to user then 2018 year will turns out be breakout year for narrative cryptocurrency and will get million of investor in future talking about future price prediction then right now top coins falling with huge percentage just because of there are many rumors spreading about in many major country going banned on trading and mining means there are more cryptocurrency crash also coming which again affecting top coins prices as right now many coins facing huge loss in market cap value if we look at report on then we could see many coins showing red number which indicate dropped in price as in February month Bitcoin is crossed $20k USD mark and Ripple low priced cryptocurrency crossed $3.2 USD mark but now Bitcoin is almost dropped by 60% and Ripple dropped by 75% of its Price.

Month & YearNarrative Price Prediction
April 2018$0.26 USD
August 2018 $0.99 USD
December 2018 $1.6 USD

NRV Coin Price Prediction 2019

Narrative coin will rise by 60% in 5 months then again maintaining same growth in September 2018 this coin will crossed all time highest mark of $1 USD and continue in 2019 also because if narrative works fine with content and reward distribution then till end of 2019 NRVE coin will crossed $3 USD mark.

Month & yearNarrative Price Prediction
January 2019$1.7 USD
August 2019$2.5 USD
December 2019$3.3 USD
Narrative Price Prediction
Narrative Price Prediction

Narrative Price Prediction 2020

2020 will be game changer year in which new investment platform will be launched and in this year cryptocurrency and narrative will be good platform to replace steemit, medium and other top content creator platform and talking about future price prediction then in January 2018 with sudden growth in price it cross $5 USD mark and till end of 2020 somewhere in December month NRV coin will be closer to $10 USD mark.

Month & yearNarrative Price Prediction
January 2020$5.7 USD
August 2020$7.5 USD
December 2020$9.3 USD

Narrative Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameNarrative Network
Ticker SymbolNTV
Year of Introduction2018
PlatformContent Blockchain
AboutContent Economy

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