NAV Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | NAV Forecast

NAV Coin Price Prediction

NAV coin is one of the decentralized cryptocurrency. It is built on one of the top versions of Bitcoin Core, Just with more added features and functionalities.One of the basis of foundations for developing NAV coin apart from lost cost easy transactions is to maintain user privacy.This keeps the cryptocurrency free from any government regulation.Currently NAV sits on 102th rank in the cryptocurrency list.Its current volume on 31st of December is $5,797,040 USD. According to a Forecast System, its is a very good long-term (1-year) investment.Today the price of NAV coin is 2.997 USD. Also showing no signs of any coin crash in the distant future as the peak rate calculated on Dec 28-2017 was about 62046.89% when the value was almost at its highest of 3.85$.Although it may not have any potential to surpass Bitcoin or Ripple it sure holds a promising future as the market is very attractive for investors. NAV is quite undervalued at the moment. Just buy, don’t stand around waiting for dips trying to time the market.

NAV Coin Price Prediction 2018

There might be a few dips in the value of NAV coin but be assured these are temporary and not to be worried about.Infact if you keep looking for a dip and invest more during it,it might prove very beneficial as the value is sure to ascend.This strategy is good for beginners and newbies who are looking to invest with a small amount.Here are our predictions for NAV coin for the year 2018(Given Values are in USD)

January 20182.96$
February 20183.30$
March 20185.9$
April 201815.75$
May 201826.3$
June 201833.66$
July 201848.0$
August 201852.2$
September 201866.99$
October 201879.03$
November 201897.88$
December 2018120.7$

So we say the price by December of 2018 is expected to hit at least 120 USD. With its growth rate increasing exponentially during the months of April and May of 2018.

NAV Coin Price Prediction 2019

Similar to 2018 if the growth rate continues to be same i.e 7484.26% or even more it is safe to say the surge will be tremendous by the month of December of 2019.Our calculations predict it top be hitting benchmark values of 6000+ USD. Here are the predictions for the year 2019

January 2019124.1$
February 2019420.3$
March 2019928.0$
April 20191682.77$
May 20192476.98$
June 20193230.2$
July 20194100.043$
August 20194982.0$
September 20195230.1$
October 20195672.14$
November 20196001.95$
December 20196282.0$

With the coin seeing its apex growths in year 2019&2020 the market will be very profitable to early investors.The earlier you invest the more the profit as the growth rate is above 7000% which isn’t unusual for a cryptocurrency but risky.Considering its low market cap we can say in this crypto space the unexpected an happen with these low max supply coins that have use and a growing community to back it as history as shown as well.

NAV Coin Price Prediction
NAV Coin Price Prediction

NAV Coin Price Prediction 2020

Here are some of the reasons early investors backed out from NAV coin in its early years

  • Many were saying it was a pump and dump
  • Many said it was a scam coin
  • Many said it would never reach $1B market cap
  • Many thought that $5-$8 was too expensive for a crap coin
  • Many sold their coins for other more “lucrative” investments

Although by now we can say 2nd ,3rd  points are turned out to be false you must consider the rest of the points if you are looking for a long term investment as of for year 2020.Calculating the rate of growth our prediction says the value is to hit 33,252 USD considering it isn’t pump and dump method of investment.

January 20196335.3$
February 201912839.4$
March 202015283.09$
April 202017882.54$
May 202019223.5$
June 202020892.33.$
July 202023998.2$
August 202025000$
September 2020 27093.22$
October 202029362.1$
November 202031902.99$
December 202033,252$