nCash Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020 | Nucleus Vision Forecast Future 2019

nCash Coin Price Prediction

nCash Coin is ticker symbol of newly launched cryptocurrency nucleus vision making an headline in cryptocurrency just because of it having unique feature which can attracts thousands of user, as nCash is giving away rewards when customer walk in into retail store which works similarly like big shopping in which user gets shopping credits with the some token, so ncash doing same they will offered you ncash token to customer which can be stored in wallet and customer can use that credit that credit anywhere he wants to use, as right now shopping in retail store taking leading in business so considering future this move to turning retail business into cryptocurrency is great decision, as after bounty program in which user has to perform specific task and following that user rewarded with some amount token, so in future ncash with unique idea will be gets huge number of investor and help to building good market cap value.

nCash Price Prediction 2018

on 26th February 2018 just few fay before end of February 2018 nCash gets listed on coin market cap and right now trending with below top 1000 cryptocurrency and showing consistent ups and downs, as following report of public token sale has been cancelled just because they got huge response in first token and because of low distribution of pre-sale token they stopped their next sale and as point of investment then there are rumours that Nucleus Vision will be available for trade exchange on biggest cryptocurrency portal Binance and along with this just because it offering big bonus on retail shopping in few months many retails company closer to having long terms partnership with ncash by following exchange of currency to the ncash token, in which information can be stored online, so requested customer can gets their shopping and transaction details anytime whenever he wants, as ceo of Ncash is upload video in which he mentioned there are many fake news spreading regarding ncash and its token so just stay away from that and also mentioned we will back soon with new updates.

Month & Year Price Prediction
April 2018 $1 USD
August 2018 $3.2 USD
December 2018 $5.2 USD

Note: with performance in Bounty and Token Distribution above reports are set.

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nCash Price Prediction 2020

talking about price prediction then this cryptocurrency holding strong points to become next biggest cryptocurrency and very soon it will show huge surge in price as right now its trading with price 0.037 USD and If it continue showing 20% of per day growth for two to three month with cryptocurrency crash, then it surely will be one of fasted coins to cross $1 USD mark falls in low priced cryptocurrency and in May 2018 it will crossed $1 USD mark and if there is sudden peak in price after 4 month of launched just like other cryptocurrency performance once they gets listed on different trading platform then we could see ncash crossing $5 USD mark in august 2018, as government of any country except China makes official decision of cryptocurrency run and in case if in future year 2020 if crypto world will get legal certificate then Ncash expected show good performance and will reached near to $50 USD.

Month & year nCash Coin Price Prediction
January 2020 $22 USD
August 2020 $37 USD
December 2020 $51 USD

Nucleus Vision Forecast

Till now since launched there are Ncash got more than 10 live retails store over 100k unique identification of user along with 3k+ successful authorization of customer and in which over 2k to 3k offers has been recommended to user and from that 70% of user availed offer from nucleus vision, which clearly indicate that they getting positive respond from user after delivering good service to user, as they got the ION EASE in product list with hashtag easy adoption and simple execution in which without any dependence on mobile app they providing Bluetooth, WIFI, RFID also called as facial recognition technology which developed after year of research and for more security it come up with telecom protocol using blockchain to send information, as this product very handy and easy to use just customer need to plug it to power outlet with this instant implementation will be done for retailers and customer and it can also enable network of partners you have, so business owner has to set that device on then anytime you come closer that device by sensing mobile it will automatically activated without any id, so in this system it offer customer best service with instant rewards will be awarded. Now following roadmap they slowly launched API, open up nucleus vision SDK and by aiming 1 million ION Sensor it will show hypergrowth of 3 phase.

Nucleus Vision Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name Nucleus Vision
Ticker symbol nCash
Technology Telecom Protocol Blockchain
Maximum Supply 10,000,000,000 NCASH
Year of Introduction 2013
Coinmaketcap listing 26 February 2018
Official website
Exchange Binance
Wallet nCash Wallet

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