Neo Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020, 2025, News, Forecast Future in INR, AUD

Neo Coin Price Prediction

Hello Cryptocurrency lovers, here we are with another price prediction of emerging and underrated cryptocurrency that is NEO coin. First let you know that today on 21st April the price of 1 NEO coin is around 74 US dollars. In short if we look at price prediction by many of websites who works in the domain of cryptocurrency price predictions is it will cross price of 100$ USD in coming few months. Below we have provided the details about this NEO coin price prediction.

Month & Year NEO Price Prediction
End of 2018 $76 USD
End of 2019 $198 USD
End 2020 $253 USD

Neo is a blockchain and cryptocurrency was earlier known as Antshares since last year July 2017. This Neo coin is developed and introduced by Onchain Company which is based in Shanghai, China. Last year many of westerns country citizens had invested in Neo coin and earned quite good money.

NEO Price Prediction
NEO Price Prediction

Neo Coin Crtpto Kopen, Koers

Many of us have a lot of questions about NEO Kopen and Koers. What is NEO Kopen? Then the answer is it is it is simply the translation of words Buy and Course in the Dutch language. Most people in Netherland and Dutch use this kind of terms to search on Google to get the desired output or result.

There are lot of ways to buy Neo coin in India, Netherland, Singapore, and Slovenia. Below we have listed the Cryptocurrency trading platforms based on your geographical location. By using that you can easily start trading and earning with NEO coin.

Neo Price Cryptocurrency in INR, AUD

If you live in India or Australia then you may use cryptocurrency trading platform to invest in and buy NEO coin. The current price of Neo coin in Indian rupees is approximately equal to Rs. 4650 INR.

And if you are Australian Citizen then for your price of 1 NEO coin equals to 96 Australian dollars. And if you are really interested in NEO coin trading then you will need to create an account on CoinSpot exchange.

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Neo Price Prediction 2018

As per our personal point of view, we use some formula to predict price of cryptocurrency price based on the current and hypothetical future market conditions.  These predictions might fail because nobody can predict exact future if it so then he would call as GOD. So don’t lie on this prediction to make any investments decisions you should take advice from finance and cryptocurrency expert before doing any move in crypto world. For more details, you should read out disclaimer page below in the footer section.

Month & Year Neo Coin Price Prediction
july 2018 $46 USD
August 2018 $59 USD
December 2018 $88 USD

According to our prediction formulas ,Neo coin should reach 200 USD dollar price per NEO coin till the end of this year 2018. If everything goes fine for NEO coin then its price (NEO coin Price) would be more than the predicted one in lthe ast line. You may also refer to the prediction table provided above in this article for NEO coin price prediction 2018, 2020 and 2025.

Price of NEO in Philippines, Singapore, Solvenia

If you are the citizen of Philippines, Singapore or Solvenia then we have bought the price of NEO coin in your local currencies. You all will get price NEO coin in your country at one place below in the table. This price is for today’s date that is 21st April and it is changing per second and per hour. So if you are visiting this page after 21st April then you should not assume it to be same it should be changed now. (mostly raised up) 😉

NEO Forecast

NEO was founded in 2014 and has really awesome featured in platform so many newly launched coin user refer to NEO Currency to buy coin in ICO, it has Digital assets, Digital Identity, Smart Contact which uses Neo Contacts for connecting people, as if we take look at NEO price report then it already reaches to time highest and was trading at $162 USD on 30th January 2018, and because of huge maximum supply and big difference in total & calculating supply NEO was quite impressive because till march 2018 it holding average $120 USD price, where other top coin struggling to show growth, so NEO is one of the best crypto for investment and if you planning for investment ti go for long terms plan and keep eye of maximum supply, means it reaches to calculating supply then immediately cash out your investment.

NEO Coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name NEO
Ticker symbol NEO Coin
Technology NEO Blockchain
Maximum Supply 100,000,000 NEO
Year of Introduction 2016
Coinmaketcap listing 9 September 2016
Official website
Exchange Binance, Upbit, OKEx, Huobi, Bittrex, Bitfinex

Note: above table will be updated soon.

Update-14th June 2018: by the report of today NEO is trading at $39.93 USD and over 35% of total supply is available for trading with this they able to maintain 11th position in which is sorted by market cap, as we know in previous days newly launched coins or coin who launched in 2018 mostly prefered NEO coin for ICO (Initial Coin Offering), which result NEO was most traded coin at beginning of 2018 but after Cryptocurrency market started falling and getting less attention because of many reasons but many crypto owner try to bring same potential of growth by launching their own network and also making huge partnership to create buzz again in people and again people will start investing in cryptocurrency but it looks like all efforts are failing because for small amount of time it shows hike in price but once respective efforts became old then again price started falling, as if take look at top 100 cryptocurrency then we could say drop and hike percentage having very low differnce in it, as NEO and EOS is most popular crypto to beat Ethereum Blockchain but Ripple stole the show because of having low price and low transaction fees which help to HODL number of coin as compare to this.