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New York Coin

New York Coin becoming bigger cryptocurrency after showing highest per day peak rate till date of cryptocurrency with 394.89 % and from 1st January 2018 to 7th January 2018 Prices are changes with 598.19 % per week peak rate, now reaches to 206th position on top cryptocurrency table with market cap value $107,379,016 USD and as there is no officially announcement on maximum supply but till now New York able to sold 129,032,781,759 NYC coin from its launched but most of sale of token is purchased by user is on December 2017 and first week of 2018, NYC is token code of New York coin don’t not charge any network fees and also available with zero worldwide transaction fees which means any user can transfer with any currency for free and per official website of New York coin they claimed that our cryptocurrency is 20X faster than Bitcoin and 5X faster than Litecoin and allows to user instant Transaction there is no need to wait for transaction approval time, the average confirmation transaction time is 30 Second and also usable at retail level.

New York Coin (NYC) Price Live & NYC/USD

New York Cryptocurrency Wiki

New York coin was launched on 6th March 2014 by unknown developer who didn’t reveal his identity but he keep connecting with user and fans of New Yotk coin via Twitter and facebook official account then he official launched white paper on Bitcointalk Forum, as NYC coin was launched with website which changed after making some modification in cryptocurrency now they are providing live updates and information on which basically work on Blockchain technology which also allows to see transaction which is store in blocks and now New York coin is falls in low priced and one of the oldest cryptocurrency who providing peer to peer transaction since last four year and also showing steady growth rate in price as this coin was launched with very low price of 0.000004 USD now prices are hike and reaches to $0.000832 USD and it consist awesome feature i.e. faster cryptocurrency in terms of transaction time and also has no transaction fees, safe to use, no virus or hacker attack was seen since launched, very secure and most active for transaction, NYC coin ideal for daily time sensitive payments.

New York Coin News

  • Coinomi Wallet of NYC coin is launching soon now testing version available.
  • Over 10,000 FREE NYC coin is Giveway on official twitter account.
  • New York cryptocurrency ATM is launching very soon in January 2018.
  • New York coin is reaches $100M Market cap value.
  • net is official NYC trade portal or Buy and Sell of NYC Coin
  • 300+% Growth Rate in Price from last 7 days.
  • 30 Second Transaction approval Time which 999% faster than other cryptocurrency.
  • NewYorkCoin was at the 2017 Macy’s THANKSGIVING DAY PARADE in New York City

New York Coin Price Prediction

New York Coin Price Prediction
New York Coin Price Prediction

New York in terms of Price Prediction is really huge because NYC coin one week growth rate is equal to whole month peak rate of other cryptocurrency, as after showing steady peak rate in new year, now it showing drops in prices but very in small percentage, now many investor right now thinking to Buy this cryptocurrency which is available only on and according to their report there are millions of user was showing interest to buy NYC coin which means in future there is will huge peak in price and expected to reach 1 USD mark in end of 2018 and if same per day peak will able to maintain for 10 months then report will be different and there is huge chances of New York will be enter into top 10 cryptocurrency and giving tough competition to Dash, Monero, Verge and Bitcoin Gold and in 2019 it will become most favourite cryptocurrency for investor so below we have set value according fluctuation in prices.

YearNYC Price Prediction
End of 2018$0.027196 USD
End of 2019$0.9019 USD
End of 2020$9.912 USD

Note: Above value set according last 6 month price prediction with 3316.6 % peak rate which is not 100% true or may turn out be false, so invest at own risk