Newest Cryptocurrency 2018 to Buy, Mine & Investment

Newest Cryptocurrency

As in current situation old cryptocurrency currently ranking on top position in market cap is really hard to mine and also to Buy investor has to pay big amount for per coin e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Bitcoin cash and in-between this there is Ripple who reached all time highest in January 1st week with 3.5 USD but because of they are at top 5 position 80% of total supply already mined so there is huge chances in upcoming days they will stopped mining or may increase limit of Maximum Supply and also another problem with cryptocurrency is they continuously showing huge dropped in price under terms of cryptocurrency crash as there was two crash happened in last 2 month in which all cryptocurrency price dropped by 80% average but after reaching all time highest in January 2018 all cryptocurrency show 20+% average per day drop rate In prices, which is turning out to be biggest cryptocurrency crash till date.

Newest Cryptocurrency 2018

Newest CryptocurrencySymbolPeak Rate from December 2017 to January 2018

Above Table we listed cryptocurrency who showing steady growth rate, in which price difference is converted into percentage format means those who having more percentage will be the better choice for 2018 and expected to show growth in upcoming days because their 50% Maximum Supply not yet mined or trade, so it surely will be future cryptocurrency and going to show awesome performance in this year, as along we peak rate w also include user response means technology they using is best and giving awesome performance and specially designed for small payment also many above coins charges zero or very low transaction fees, takes very less time to accept any transaction, handle sudden growth in user, working under smart contact, gives better security to avoid attack form hackers and Virus, which become biggest issue right now with top cryptocurrency.

Newest Cryptocurrency 2018 to Buy
Newest Cryptocurrency 2018 to Buy

Newest Cryptocurrency to Mine

Cryptocurrency NameTicker SymbolGrowth Rate in Last 7 Days
B3Coin KB35000+%
Safe Trade CoinXSTC4536.85%
Coimatic 2.0CTIC2436.88%
New York CoinNYC125%
Vibe CoinVibe90%
Aeron CoinARN95%

Note: above Price difference is calculate in January.

Choosing newest cryptocurrency for mining is always great choice because it has really awesome benefit in terms of profit as compare to top cryptocurrency, now while mining you choose GPU power in that many top coins takes long time and also gives very low amount of coin and if you convert in USD then it is really low, but in newest cryptocurrency things are changed because their average per week growth rate is above 55%, gives better speed while mining, consume less GPU power and give you good amount of profit, so right now we have listed new added coin on coinmarketcap and calculating last 7 days growth rate we listed cryptocurrency which is completely minable.

Newest Cryptocurrency 2018
Newest Cryptocurrency 2018

Top Cryptocurrency 2018

  1. Tron: one of the most popular cryptocurrency of 2018 because in just 5 month of launch it already top 10 cryptocurrency having highest market cap value and also showing steady huge peak rate since December 2017 and maintaining for more than 1 month and no cryptocurrency maintain this growth till now, as Tron also confirm about partnership with big global industry and as because of awesome performance in transaction, it also ahead in term of technology which charges very less Transaction fees.
  2. Cardano: Ada coin maintain top 5 position from last 5 weeks, as this cryptocurrency based on Ethereum Blockchain, in which it specially designed for small transactions of Ethereum and founded by co-owner of Ethereum and because of continuously gaining number of investor, it able to create good market cap value, which result able to maintain steady growth rate.
  3. Tether: this coin is quite impressive because while all top 500 cryptocurrency falling in prices that time Tether is only coin who showing green numbers means growing with very small percentage and because of this it gets number of investor for 4 days so right now it expected to build good market cap value and become top newest cryptocurrency of 2010.
  4. SiaCoin: it is product based cryptocurrency means one of the most used product now days and also future requirement i.e. cloud storage currently provided by Sia coin with cheapest rate In global market defeated Google, Amazon, icloud and many other, so surely in future they will get huge number of buyer which create impact on estimate value, which convert into steady growth in prices.
  5. Kodak Coin: this very special coin, which is not yet launched but Initial coin offering is going to start soon and main reason this cryptocurrency gaining strong feature is it based on Photography topic which allow to user create license of their photography work and they can buy and sell in online market place with Kodak coin, so this will surely getting huge number of ICO customer valid for United States and Canada citizen.