Nexus (NXS) Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020 | NXS Forecast Future 2019

Nexus Price Prediction

Nexus showing shocking growth on 2nd March 2018 with 150+% Growth in prices as in just one day in new month Nexus surge from $2.30 USD to $4.78 USD, which result on 2nd March Nexus become highest gainer in all cryptocurrency, as many of you heard about Nexus which falls into one of the oldest cryptocurrency who was introduced in 2015 year and continuous working on technology to deliver better experience to investor as well as user, Nexus Framework is specially designed to make faster connection for transmission of value without any interference of any third party or Bank along with this Nexus also focus on Three Core principles including Efficient & Scalable Code, Enhanced Security for secure transaction and revolutionary hardware network, as to have more efficiency in Platform automatically created lower level Database which also called as lightweight database which improve speed and processing power.

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Nexus Price prediction 2018

At beginning of 2015 where cryptocurrency not familiar with 99% of people of world that time Nexus coin was listed on with price $0.002 USD Price and then maintaining average price till April 2016 it started showing pretty small growth in price continues same growth rate till end of 2016 and then it started growing huge growth rate from January 2017 and as we know 2017 year is breakout year for cryptocurrency, in this year people all over world started taking interest In cryptocurrency and also showing huge response for investing money and because of this Price started rising with steady peak rate and we know December 2017 and January 2018 are biggest month for cryptocurrency history, so following this Nexus Reaches to all time highest on 7th January 2018 with Price $13.33 and then it continuously dropped in prices and reaches to 1.03 USD, but in march 2018 it looks like Nexus Coin regaining his dominance, which is already seen when this cryptocurrency enter into top 100 coins.

Month & YearNXS Price Prediction
April 2018$2.3 USD
August 2018$6.2 USD
December 2018$7.4 USD

Note: with 31% Per week Peak Rate.

Nexus Price Prediction
Nexus Price Prediction

NXS Coin Price Prediction 2020

2020 will be innovative year In which most transaction can be done online so in this cryptocurrency will play very important role and become first choice for currency exchange as in 2018 there are many product based cryptocurrency are launched in which they have created cryptocurrency by offering some exciting offers and discounts and also allow to store information within database to user can access it anytime whenever they want, so talking about price prediction 2020 then Nexus is promising that they have faster transaction speed and also has low transaction fees as number of user increase in system automatically transaction speed also increase as in some other cryptocurrency case speed is lower when there is load of user, so in 2020 by giving consistent performance in 2019, Nexus will reaches to $35 USD and will end this year by crossing $50 USD mark and set new record, as in this journey there will be upcoming crash which comes in every month and as right now there are long crash as compare to previous.

Month & YearNXS Coin Price Prediction
January 2020$32 USD
August 2020$42 USD
December 2020$56 USD

Note: average 21% Per month Average Growth rate.

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Nexus Coin Forecast

Nexus is highly advanced minable coin with 1024 Bit Hashing power which special provide boost for hashing so user can earn higher reward by giving larger minting rate, as nexus using awesome hardware so they can work with aerospace industry to launch low earth orbit cube satellites which will be connected to user and secures it data from any virus attacks and it is connect with communicational technology which will provide fully decentralized internet, so first ever quantum-resistant 3D Blockchain which giving highest hashing power than Bitcoin and other top cryptocurrency, as we mentioned they are connected with satellite mesh in which they officially makes partnership with biggest space compony Vector Space Systems which distributed data to other satellite to user can easily access their data anywhere.

Cryptocurrency NameNexus Coin
Ticker SymbolNXS
Year of Introduction2015
Platform3D Quantum Blockchain
Maximum SupplyNA
ExchangeUpbit, Cryptopia, bittrex,Coinspot, RightBTC

Update: this week Nexus coin showing average 10% per day of growth because of which right now in the first week of June 2018 this coin is the most searched cryptocurrency till now, as we know this coin already reaches to all-time highest on 6th January 2018 by crossing $13 USD mark, but expected happen as cryptocurrency getting much needed fame in December 2018 resulting into price started showing huge growth than many other investing option but once all people came to know about cryptocurrency it again started dropping in February 2018 because there are many frauds and security reason means active hacker started stoles many coins from different platform and also people to kept black money in secret started investing in cryptocurrency because of which goverenment of many different country started taking action and then rumors started about very soon trading and mining will be banned in respected country but after China country who is nothing but founder of cryptocurrency world and also has most number of investor makes decision to banned cryptocurrency which affect market and then all coin strated dropping along with Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple, so in that point Nexus reaches to below $2 USD, but talking about recovery from this Nexus showing pretty good peak report because today prices is become highest price from March 2018 so its turning out be biggest relif for cryptocurrency world and in future Nexus will be one entering into top 50 cryptocurrency sorted by market cap value.

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