What is NFC in JIO Phone? | How to USE/Enable NFC on JIO Pay App

What is NFC in JIO Phone

JIO Phone again in stock after long wait as most affordable Smartphone of India launched by Reliance Company under JIO brand on September 2017, and that time this phone is gets huge response from Indian because low price and good features in this there are 60 Lakhs of phone are sold out in just 3 three days with this it create new record of hot selling Indian Smartphone, as there many feature JIO Phone is offering to customer in which NFC is one of top feature available in this phone and many people don’t know how to use it and is it really working or not so here we giving to some important tips how to use NFC in JIO Phone.

NFC means Near-field Communication which allow to user communicate two device with certain range distance, so similar following JIO Phone has NFC option which allow to user established connection with other device and mainly used for contactless payment means it allow to make payment of Credit Card, Debit Card without carrying card with you for this user need to add card to JIO Phone then just enter code then your nfc is fully activate to use.

How to Enable NFC in JIO Phone

  • Turn of your JIO Phone
  • Then go Apps section in that select Setting option
  • In Setting you will find Network and Connectivity
  • Under this option you have NFC Button
  • Just Go to NFC option and turn it on.
  • Now you successfully enabled NFC.

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How to Use NFC with JIO Pay App

  • Turn on Internet from your JIO Phone
  • Install JIO Pay App or you may find JIO Pay app is pre-loaded into your Mobile
  • Simply Open JIO Pay App and enter required Details like Card Number, Name, code.
  • Now you ready to Use Cashless Payment on JIO Phone.
What is NFC in JIO Phone
What is NFC in JIO Phone

As old JIO Phone do not have connectivity feature at back, but people who brought JIO Phone from new stock available in January 2018 got this connectivity sign at back with help to connect device like Swipe machine for which you have put machine above that sign then it automatically detect your JIO Pay option, then it work according machine instruction along with this it also show current balance and also allow to enter amount to be pay.

  • Add card details or Bank Account to JIO Pay app
  • Then Turn on NFC from Setting
  • Then from JIO Pay app search for near by Device and confirm by Name (make sure recipient user also enabled NFC)
  • Then just enter amount and send to that user

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For Swipe Machine follow below

  • Enable NFC from JIO Phone
  • Turn on NFC Option from Swipe Machine
  • Put Swipe machine at back of JIO Phone
  • Then machine will start showing Balance and number
  • Then you can make payment with carrying cash.

This all about JIO Phone NFC if you have an query related this article then just comment below with your query and don’t forgot to enter email address.