Oneplus Coin Cryptocurrency Launch Date, Price, How to Buy/Purchase

Oneplus Coin

Oneplus Chinese smartphone company co-founder Carl Pei teases video about launching cryptocurrency by mentioning Blockchain meets never settle, so after making announcement of launching iPhone X look like notch Smartphone from oneplus flagship they wanted to convert people interaction with smartphone which can be possible by re-imaging one of the fundamental element in LED Light “currency”, but as we know many time in past oneplus was done april fool prank as this video is launched just few days before April month start so there are huge chances news of Oneplus cryptocurrency is launching is false but what if they launched Oneplus coin in real is it best for business and many more question are arrived, as we know right now cryptocurrency is trending worldwide every day there are many new cryptocurrency are launched with their product just like Kodak Coin a photography based technology Blockchain and many more. so with this Oneplus will be first mobile manufacturing company of world launching their own cryptocurrency.

Oneplus Cryptocurrency

right now many cryptocurrency facing huge loss in price and just because of this many investor losing interest about investing in any coin because low price fluctuation and continue drops in price because of cryptocurrency crash happening more number of times in month, as after China many more country also joining to banned cryptocurrency trading and exchange in respective country as along with this big social media platform like Facebook, twitter, snapchat and Google banned cryptocurrency related ads one recent contract officially ended means after contract expiration date there will no cryptocurrency ads displayed by google publishers and promotion on twitter and facebook will also stopped which resulting cryptocurrency market down and also suffering from low market cap value.

Oneplus Coin
Oneplus Coin

Oneplus Coin Launch Date

Expected launch date of Oneplus will be end of April 2018 one their Notch Smartphone is launched it may be Oneplus 6 or new series expected to launched so after this they will reward oneplus coin to user and also schedule for Initial coin offering from 1st week of may 2018 which will be last for 2 months then in somewhere in july month Oneplus will be listed on and also started showing market cap value and expected to launch own marketplace where all oneplus product will be available which can be purchased using oneplus coin.

Oneplus Coin Price

price not yet announced by officials but expected price will be more than $1 USD for each Oneplus Coin and ticker symbol will be announced later. as price decide Oneplus is low priced or high priced cryptocurrency but looking at current situation then more likely oneplus will have set low price for each coin in Initial coin offering and there will be some specific task will be there in which every user gets rewarded for referral and other sign up.

How to Buy/Purchase Oneplus Coin

  • go to oneplus official website
  • then sign up or create new account
  • then exchange your money with oneplus coin

note: oneplus coin not yet launched so above process not valid as we will update once there is any official report out from makers till then keep investing.

Cryptocurrency Name Oneplus Coin
Ticker Symbol OnePlus
Year of Launched 2018
Total Supply NA
Official website
Country China
Exchange NA
Wallet NA
Initial Coin Offering 1st May 2018 to 30th june2018
Technology Smartphone Blockchain
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