ONT Coin (Ontology) Price Prediction 2018, 2020 | ONT Future Forecast

ONT Coin Price Prediction

ONT Coin is based on high performance multi-chain Project which is made by collaboration Platform that include complete distributed ledgers and also uses Smart Contact as Ontology just finished is Token Distribution on 8th March 2018 and gets listed on Coinmarketcap showing consistent price fluctuation and as per ICO Token distribution there will be the 1,000,000,000 ONT Total Supply, as on 9th March 2018 ONT is rises to $3.35 USD and also maintaining price as while Token Distribution this cryptocurrency uses NEO Blockchain for Token sale in which NEO Coin rises by 19% so after getting huge response in Token, investors can choose this cryptocurrency for short time or long time investment because once ICO is over it started showing huge growth in price, as right now binance hacked fake news is affecting top cryptocurrency price in this ONT still showing good surge in prices.

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Ontology Price Prediction 2018

Ontology is gets indexed on 8th March 2018 with Price $2.62 USD and shows highest 27.86% growth rate till now so because of continuous change in price it clearly indicate if current growth is continue for one week in March 2018 Ontology will crossed $5 USD mark and because huge Total Supply this coin is safe to buy Right because as we have seen in many cryptocurrency run their calculating supply reaches to Total Supply it started showing very less price difference in per day report, because of this that cryptocurrency started losing number of investor which affect market cap value and then it also cause huge price drop, so right now Ontology in terms of technology and performance every transaction, as in Price Prediction it surely crossed $10 USD Mark till mid of 2018 year and till end of 2018 with cryptocurrency crash it will reach $15 USD mark.

Month & Year ONT Price Prediction
April 2018 $7 USD
August 2018 $9 USD
December 2018 $15 USD

Note: with 140% Per month growth Rate.

ONT coin Price Prediction
ONT coin Price Prediction

Ont Coin Price Prediction 2020

In 2019 ONT Coin complete 1 year of launch and also comes to the point where Maximum Supply is equal to calculating Supply where price takes boost and rises with skyrocket speed so till end of 2019 prices will touch $50 USD Mark or If from March 2018 ONT Coin started rising with 80% per month growth rate then $50 USD mark will be achieved in end of 2020, as there many cryptocurrency launching every day along with adding new feature some of big company also converting their business into cryptocurrency in which to buy respective product customer has to convert currency into their Coins in return they will reward for every purchase and also help them to grow market cap value, so which cryptocurrency will be leading is hard to say, as many cryptocurrency like Ripple, Bitcoin is continuously dropping by 50% of its highest till date.

Month & Year Ontology Price Prediction
January 2020 $41 USD
August 2020 $55 USD
December 2020 $64 USD

Note: with cryptocurrency and bubble in prices we set average price for 2020.

Ontology Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name Ontology Network
Ticker Symbol ONT Coin
Maximum Supply 1,000,000,000 ONT
Platform ONT Blockchain
Official Website Ont.io
Date of Introduction February 2018
Exchange Binance, Gate.io

Update: most stable cryptocurrency right now from top 50 cryptocurrency and from the report taken on 6th June 2018 it trading at Price $8.01 USD with 7% growth rate and since the beginning of 2018 it shows the average price of $6.5 USD, as after Nexus coin this coin is most trending coin in June 2018 and showing his potential in new month, as Ont coin set record of $10 USD all time highest record and if you look at other cryptocurrency performance then there is huge difference between all time highest record to curent price, so we could simply say ONT is doing exceptionally good and having capabilitty to become next ripple, as we know Ripple one of the popular cryptocurrency in 2018 because of magical growth in January 2018 after being stable for more than 8 months it started shining by showing over 1300% growth in just 2 months, so if we take the same price of Ontology then once it started growing with simillarly Ont Coin will be trading at $112 USD, which will be really huge for any investor who brought at price less than $6 USD, but looking at current situation this will not happen very soon.