Peicoin Cryptocurrency Launch Date, Price, How to Buy, Mining, Wallet


Peicoin is newly launched cryptocurrency by Oneplus Smartphone manufacturing company as name of this cryptocurrency is derived from co-founder of Oneplus as two days before Co-founder upload video on social media in which he mentioned Blockchain meets never settle, which clearly indicate there is something coming related to cryptocurrency and many people thinking this is going to be another April fool prank by Oneplus but it official as Oneplus already posted on their official website about Peicoin and with is Oneplus become first Smartphoen company who launched own cryptocurrency working on Blockchain platform to make simple in use and robust in function, as many of you wondering what will be new features in this cryptocurrency and whats technology bring by oneplus so continue reading till end.

Peicoin Cryptocurrency

Peicoin is specially launched for oneplus products user which is peer to peer currency which gives better feature for oneplus user to make more simple cryptocurrency world and they also giving Decentralized community driven Blockchain means in forum of Oneplus user can seamlessly into architecture of Onelplus then there will be no transaction fees for every transaction and every transaction will be instant and super fast and first time ever on android smartphone user can mine Peicoin with OxygenOS through opt-in feature and along with this user also allow to enter into global network of miners and work together in mining program, as this coin is completely open source so can every user can trace their transaction and also get details information from history for this special Peicoin wallet is also designed for user in which user can check their current balance and transfer details of recipients and users along with it is deeply integrated with our oneplus device which makes even better transaction till it sucessfully completed or not.


as we mention in Oneplus Coin article that they also launching their product with Peicoin in which every new product and existing product automatically added to marketplace so user can make purchase this product using peicoin, so there will all legal process just because they launched at their own risk.

Peicoin Launch Date

as Peicoin is already launched on 30th March 2018 and ICO or Airdrop will be starting soon so user has to submit their email address to oneplus official website by selecting your respective country and possible dates of Initial coin offering will be End of April 2018 which will have duration of 2 or 3 months as per makers decision, so right now we could wait for further announcement and you can also bookmark us for latest updates of Peicoin.

Peicoin Price is official website for details about price and just because of they not yet launched coin and ICO also not yet schedule so it is hard so say exact price but according rumors and looking at current situation in cryptocurrency world they will go with huge maximum supply and will have low price which expected to have below $1 USD and they may begin ICO with very low price like $0.10 USD then as supply is about finished which is limited for ICO price will start increasing and after it gets listed on then it will start showing transaction and trading platform along with marketcap value with live current price.

How to Buy Peicoin

  • Go to
  • then click on red button Get Peid today
  • once your click on that option you automatically redirect to twitter handle
  • in Tweet you have this words “I’m innovating the future of OnePlus Smartphones with #PeiCoin, join the cause and mine your way to crypto revolution. #NeverSettle”
  • once you finished with tweet after some time interval you will receive Peicoin

Peicoin Wiki

Cryptocurrency NamePeiCoin
Ticker SymbolPei
Date of Launched30th march 2018
Total SupplyNA
ExchangeOneplus Exchange
WalletOxygenOS wallet
Initial Coin Offering1st May 2018 to 30th june2018
TechnologySmartphone Blockchain