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Petro Coin

Petro words comes from Petrol which is oil backed cryptocurrency and first government approved cryptocurrency, as right now Petro coin become cryptocurrency sensation because till now no cryptocurrency gets approval from any country’s government, but Venezuelan Government official launched Petro coin with ticker symbol PTR with 82.4 PTR Maximum Supply available for user for mining and trading, no doubt this coin is based on innovative Blockchain considering huge security as well as fast transaction time, as main purpose to launch this coin is because of from last few year Venezuela was suffering from financial crash in which currency if their country continuous dropping with huge percentage so considering current technology and asset of economics they decided to launch this coin which can fix their Financial crisis and help them to regain their currency exchange value.

Cryptocurrency Name Petro Coin
Ticket Symbol PTR
Maximum Supply 82.4 million
Official Website
Platform Blockchain
Country Venezuelan
Minable & Trading Yes
Date of Introduction December 2017
ICO End 17th March 2018

Petro Coin Price

Petro coin was announced on December 2017 and now Pre-Sale of Petro Token is just begin for which user need to visit official website after visiting on top corner you have pre sale option in that you just need to sign up new account then confirm your email address then you ready to buy Petro coin and as talking about what will be the petro coin price, as this coin not yet listed on, so there is no official report on Price, as The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela guarantees that user will get their coin very soon following all legal process like national tax, some transaction fees on service of oil basket and there is expected to launch marketplace in which many oil based basket will be launched in which this coin will offer discount and offers for user, as many citizen of Venezuela will be thinking to buy this coins in future so prices will surge with huge rate.

Petro Coin
Petro Coin

Petro Coin ICO

Initial coin offering will be begin on 20th February 2018, in which it consist of NEM Blockchain Platform sale of asset and for first sale there is 82,400,000 PTR coin will be available for user and once ICO is done it will get listed on coinmarketcap and started showing live price and people can trade, mine petro coin, as Petro is choose NEM Token over Ethereum and it has sale of ERC20 on the Blockchain.

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Petro Wallet

Petro Officials provide Petro digital wallet for Windows, Mobile user and iOS version is coming soon in which user can store their Petro coin online, so to hold Petro you need to setup wallet.

How to Buy Petro Coin

  • Go to Official Website of Petro Coin:
  • Then at top right you have pre-sale option
  • After that you have two options i.e. legal person or natural person
  • Then choose appropriate option then enter your name, email address and prove your are not a robot, then click on continue button
  • Then go to email address and confirm your account.
  • Then you are on to purchase petro coin

Petro Coin Price Prediction

As Petro Initial Coin offering is based on NEM cryptocurrency so current average of Price of NEM Coin is 0.50 USD, so there will be huge surge in price of NEM cryptocurrency in February and March 2018 and talking about Petro coin which will expected trading with 0.4 USD and started showing consistent growth with average 10+% Daily growth, just because only cryptocurrency in the world who is get legalisation owned by State, so in 2018 to 2020 this coin expected to makes huge maximum supply, which makes continuous fluctuation in price, which result many investor worldwide keep investing money in Petro coin, so this coin will get huge boost in ranking of highest market cap holder and give tough competition to top coins like Ripple, Bitcoin, Ethereum and because of trust this will get 100% score.