POA Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020 | POA Network Forecast Future

POA Coin Price Prediction

POA is highly Proof of Authority based cryptocurrency which works on Open Ethereum Blockchain for Smart contacts and DApps so they can combines speed, security and cost efficiency, so because of unique features like user can build their own network, Develops DApps by using PoA Framework in which include crowdfunding, real-estate deals with transaction along with this POA Network is going to launch some new feature like multiple PoA networks and Interledger Protocols. as right now POA getting awesome response from investor and at the beginning they got partner includes Cyberstudio, Blocknotary, bitclave, Ministry of Velocity.

As POA officially begin Token sale on 17th November in which limited Supply are distributed to user so right now POA gets listed on 28th February 2018 on coinmarketcap.com with 252,193,195 POA Maximum Supply and ranking below top 1000 cryptocurrency and opens trading with $0.53 average Price.

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POA Coin Price Prediction 2018

POA gets listed on Binance a biggest exchange Platform right now so on last day of February 2018 over 88 Million USD volume of market cap is generate and as POA reaches to highest price on 1st March 2018 with $0.704 USD, so considering in upcoming days there will huge surge in price, because after token distribution one any cryptocurrency gets listed on exchange platform then at beginning they show huge growth in price so considering 30% average growth rate then at end of March 2018 PAO will easily crossed $1 USD mark start dominating table and if same growth continue throughout month then in August 2018 this cryptocurrency will crossed $5 USD mark and in between November or December 2018 price will be trading nearer to $10 USD, which brings out biggest price change which help POA to build good market cap value and takes huge leads in Ranking of Highest market cap List.

Month & Year POA Price Prediction
April 2018 $1.4 USD
August 2018 $3.6 USD
December 2018 $8.2 USD

Note: with 30% Per Week Growth Rate above prices are set.

POA Coin Price Prediction
POA Coin Price Prediction

POA Coin Price Prediction 2020

POA aim to become decentralized coin for open based network Blockchain who having Proof of Authority and taking first steps for creating vision of horizontal Blockchains Scalability by Creating Swarm of Blockchain so with POA holding good chance to become next biggest cryptocurrency, so investing right now will be great choice in return user will get good amount of profit, as right now fastest way to get huge profit is investing into cryptocurrency and as talking about price prediction, then if 30% per month growth maintain by PAO for 2 years then 2020 will start by crossing $30 USD mark and then with cryptocurrency crash and Maximum Supply availability, this coin crossed $50 USD mark till end of 2020 somewhat in December or November month, as we don’t predict with how much percentage cryptocurrency can increased so we just take similar featured cryptocurrency and by measuring their growth rate per month we set below value.

Month & Year POA Forecast
January 2020 $32 USD
August 2020 $41 USD
December 2020 $52 USD

POA Coin Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name POA Network
Ticker Symbol POA
Technology Proof of Work Ethereum Blockchain
Maximum Supply 252,193,195 POA
Official website Poa.network
Exchange Binance