Polymath Price Prediction 2018, 2020, 2025 | POLY Coin Token Forecast

Polymath Price Prediction

Polymath is showing consistent growth which result in less than 20 days this Token based cryptocurrency showing huge surge in ranking of highest market cap list, so right now Polymath is about to enter into top 50 cryptocurrency after crossing $350 million USD market cap value and as per report 10% of token is pre-mined and right now for user more than 70% of total supply is available trading, so right now polymath is perfect choice for long time and short time investor because in 19 days of listing on coinmarketpcap is shows 99% of growth in price with 19% per day average peak rate, as If you are active member of social media which is related to cryptocurrency then Polymath is most promoted cryptocurrency holding strong future and bringing legal professional, businesses to create high security token without any scam and fraud, so in future this coin will replace many top cryptocurrency in security.

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Polymath Price Prediction 2018

As in many case newly launched cryptocurrency show drops in price after few days of initial coin offering so similarly Polymath is shows small dropped in price for 5 days then started growing with average 10+% growth rate and looking at February 2018 record then more likely in March 2018 Polymath will easily reach $5 USD mark and if current rate of peak maintain till end of August 2018 then $10 USD mark again will be easy to reach and talking about end of 2018 then Polymath will be near to $15 USD or maintain average price between range of 11 USD to 15 USD, so people who holding this coins able to make decision about selling or cash out their investment, as because of popularity of Polymath there many big industry closer to make partnership with Polymath which create good impact on market cap value and also help to surge price in future.

Month & year Price Prediction
March 2018 $5 USD
August 2018 $8 USD
December 2018 $12 USD

Note: With 19% per day growth rate.

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Polymath Price Prediction 2020

Polymath is 2 year after 2018 will be great because till then cryptocurrency status will be stable works just like stock market, mutual funds and other investing platform and there expected to no limitation on maximum which makes alive price fluctuation, which keeps engaging investor show interest in cryptocurrency, as right now Polymath showing 100% per month growth rate, means price increasing with 100%, so If rate of peak able to hold till 2020, then in Polymath will touch $450 USD, but we know in every cryptocurrency run there is cryptocurrency crash, in which all coins falling for number of days with different drop rate, which affect ranking and also continuously loses number of investor and also loses trust from user, so when investor cash out their investor it create bad impact of market cap value, which result it shows 1 month continuous drop in price.

Month & Year Price Prediction
January 2020 $32 USD
August 2020 $54 USD
December 2020 $75 USD

Note 45% per month Growth Rate.

Poly Coin Forecast

Poly is ticker symbol of Polymath cryptocurrency who introduced in 2015 and continuously working on technology to give better experience in every transaction, and right now many investor believes in security of cryptocurrency, so after long waiting Polymath is finally listed and released white paper and token sale also got pretty awesome response from user and with huge advertisement this coin able to create impact in investing market and will dominate on coinmarketcap.

Cryptocurrency Name Polymath
Ticker Symbol Poly Token
Official Website Polymath.network
Maximum Supply 1,000,000,000 POLY
Technology Blockchain
Exchange Kucoin