Qtum Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | QTUM Forecast Future Estimate

Qtum Price Prediction

Qtum open source blockchain based cryptocurrency owned by Chinese which execute with Ethereum contacts become popular from last week after highest per hour peak rate of 198% which help them to leap in prices from 18 USD to 75.3 USD in just 7 days and this report expected to being steady till end of 2017 and with fluctuation in peak rate by taking average of 160% Qtum prices will cross all time high by crossing 100 USD mark as per cryptocurrency growth report Qtum is fastest growing cryptocurrency who gets boost in prices in just 2 weeks after launching as compare bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple who took more than 1 year to boost as because Qtum launching after cryptocurrency started gaining attention from investor so right now Qtum expected to give tough competition to Dash, Nem, Monero and Bitcoin and expected to enters into top 10 highest market cryptocurrency table in upcoming week.

YearQtum Price Prediction
2018$97 USD
2019$947 USD
2020$11966 USD

Note:above value set with 6 month average peak price difference 

Qtum Price Prediction 2018

Qtum Price Prediction
Qtum Price Prediction

Qtum showing 158% per month growth ratio with this price will be reach nearer to 1K USD till end of 2018 and expected to cross 550 mark in middle of 2018, as we have seen huge growth in December month for Qtum this will continue till Qtum come closer to top 5 highest market cap holder in which now this coin expected to get more number of investor right now than Dash, Bitcoin Gold and cardano because its mid-range cryptocurrency just like litecoin which hiked with really high peak in December month and now it’s time for Qtum so in year first month belong to Qtum and help to Ethereum to increase its market cap because synchronisation of contacts execution in technology.

Month & YearQtum Price Prediction
January 2018$102 USD
February 2018$203 USD
March 2018$334 USD
April 2018$458 USD
May 2018$580 USD
June 2018$650 USD
July 2018$686 USD
August 2018$723 USD
September 2018$743 USD
October 2018$802 USD
November 2018$850 USD
December 2018$914 USD

Note: in above table we set average value set throughout whole month.

Qtum Price Prediction 2019

Qtum is related with ecosystem which is designed for foster lightweight business application and crypto Kitties app for gaming so in future there is possibility to launched mobile wallet in same ecosystem application which offcoruse help to gain number of investor which will have better performance and new technology of mining which become more easier so in 2019 Qtum prices will show growh in the range of 140% to 170% which help to maintain steady report in 2019 and expected to cross 10K USD per coin mark and will expected to become 9th cryptocurrency to cross this record after Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, ethereum and litecoin.

Month & YearQtum Price Prediction
January 2019$947 USD
February 2019$1563 USD
March 2019$2297 USD
April 2019$3459 USD
May 2019$4608 USD
June 2019$6324 USD
July 2019$6320 USD
August 2019$7641 USD
September 2019$8700 USD
October 2019$9434 USD
November 2019$10,865 USD
December 2019$11,488 USD

Note:in above price difference we set steady peak rate with 150%.

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Qtum Forecast 2020

The main moto of Qtum cryptocurrency is Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications which be improve performance of application of ecosystem and also provide robust environment to developers to faster development process, as Qtum specially build to connect all cryptocurrency to each other so there will be good transaction report time with less fees also enough to attract investor and other big companies so improving old technology will give tough competition to existing one so similar path is followed by Qtum, so talking about future Forecast this cryptocurrency in 2020 will cross 25K USD mark so investing right now on Qtum for long timer will be good business and surely grab you huge profit amount and graph says it all so follow below value as expected estimate price so you will be get rough idea as we mentioned, anything can happen may below value turns false so considering its just prediction.

Month & YearQTUM Price Forecast
January 2020$11,966 USD
February 2020$13,426 USD
March 2020$12,435 USD
April 2020$14,653 USD
May 2020$17,652 USD
June 2020$18,645 USD
July 2020$19,082 USD
August 2020$21,346 USD
September 2020$22,345 USD
October 2020$23,327 USD
November 2020$25,732 USD
December 2020$27,853 USD

Note:monthly constant growth rate above report is set

QTUM Coin Estimate

Market cap Value$5,586,684,112 USD*
Maximum Supply100,244,088 QTUM*
Position in highest market cap13th
Per month Growth Rate270%*
Official Websiteqtum.org

Note: “*” sign indicate difference in value.