Revain Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020 | R Future Forecast 2025, 2050

Revain Coin Price Prediction

Revian is a very unique cryptocurrency with ticker symbol R, gaining everyone attention on 31st January 2018 because right now all top cryptocurrency is crashing means prices are dropping with huge percentage, In this Revain is showing huge surge in price with 56% and now this coin is showing dominance by entering into top 100 cryptocurrency with $300 Million USD market cap value, as right now Revain showing consistent growth in price from Beginning of January 2018 and there is also small drop in price during Cryptocurrency crash, no wonder with this drop because almost top 500 coins is showing huge fall in price, now after that at end of January 2018 again prices surges with maximum Growth rate and on 31st January 2018 Revain set new record by reaching all time highest with Price 2.70 USD and showing stable report by maintaining average price near about $1.5 USD.

Revain Coin Price Prediction 2018 to 2020

Revain will have awesome 2018 year, because in January 2018 it already shows his potential to become biggest cryptocurrency in future, as major factor right now many cryptocurrency dealing with is total supply of coin, in which Revian is already set to enter into top 100 highest market cap holder list and once it enter into this list then it will start gaining investor all over world in billions and reason behind this must this factor which revain has, in which this cryptocurrency comes with Artificial Intelligence developed under hi-tech IBM AI System, every user is rewarded for token review while initial coin offering with Stable RVN Token, then it also have Automatic Filtration which is fully activate to detecting unwanted text, spammy comments, abuse, Flood, then there is Unbiased System means Revain creating a system in which used need to trust a platform to perform any action in systems and it also uses smart contacts and DAO, Transparency so in short word this cryptocurrency is loaded with most demanded feature right now choosing this coin as investment will be great choice.

Revain Coin Price Prediction
Revain Coin Price Prediction



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