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Ripple Price Prediction

Another Rising star, shining from crypto world, Ripple. Established in 2012, Ripple is one of 10 top position holders in cryptocurrency world right now, Its increasing growth in early December makes it worthy currency for investor to invest in. with growth percentage between 2016-2017 of 244%, If it shows steady current growth it may surpass 0.78 till end of 2018.It is one of the global standard for banks and many payment applications it is programmed on python language it secured and encrypted virtual currency. Ripple showing continuous growth on highest market and price which result Ripple defeated Bitcoin cash to gain 3rd position which is really awesome news for investor because Ripple price is currently below 1 USD so, investor with low budget Ripple will be good choice and expected to reach 5 USD In mid of next year.

Ripple Price Prediction
Ripple Price Prediction

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Ripple Prediction 2018

In early December 2017 the rate of ripple is 0.70$ with steady circulating supply worth 38,739,144,847 XRP (XRP Digital asset or unit for Ripple), If the growth is steady then it may open the market in January at 0.75$, in second quarter of the year we may expect hike in price till 0.80$ per ripple. This increasing demand and steady supply of ripple coin makes it more valuable asset than bitcoin itself as it has potential to rise as primary cryptocurrency in future.

Ripple prediction 2019

Ripple may open the market in 2019 with rate of 1.02$ and it may hike till 1.10$ in Mid-2019, it will be mainstream currency in 2019 and It may have independent trading platform and investment routes like bitcoin and ethereum, closing rate in the market of 2019/ December 2019 would be around 1.30$ and it will give tough competition to other currencies like Litecoin and Dash.

Ripple prediction 2020

2020 would be Golden age for cryptocurrencies and ripple coin is no exception as it will be one of leading cryptocurrency in the world with high amount of supply, Investors might look at it as a Golden hen which shouldn’t be sliced. First quarter of 2020 ripple would be around 1.30$ it would be year of ups and downs for every crypto currency as every currency would get attention from mainstream media, It will attract more and more investors to market to buy internet currencies. Cryptocurrencies might give a tough competition to stock markets and commodity markets in near future, Closing rate of ripple at end of 2020 might not be that different from January or opening rate but I will be stable if we refer to some news it will be around 1.40-1.50$ at end of December 2020.

Ripple prediction 2025

Cryptocurrencies would become actual trading asset till 2025, all leading eCommerce site may use it as payment method and in my opinion it is very good thing and big leap in mankind as it will be helpful for everyone it will help nature by saving paper which is used for printing the actual currency like dollar, rupee and it will be easier to keep track of every transaction made by any person using the currency, It will open at 4.30$ in January or first half of the year and it will be next big thing in global banking sector as it uses XRP asset of blockchain technology it will help banks to control the security of each and every penny of the user so it may not be misused without owner’s permission as it is encrypted and secured by unique password. It will close at around 4.70$ at end of 2025 it will be future defining year for online transactions.X

XRP Prediction

Ripple is one of the top 5 currencies on the market right now, Till 2020 it is not wrong to assume that it will have more shareholders/investors than bitcoin and bitcoin cash as it is more trusted and is not easy to manipulate like rest of currencies because it is used by major banking companies like Un-credited. If someone invests in ripple in these 1-2 years it will turn into fortune in near future.

Update-18th December 2017: the average per hour growth rate 3.01% and expected to increase with 5 to 6 % and price will touch 0.80 USD which will be highest price till date now Ripple is drop to 4th position and Bitcoin cash regain their original position but war will be continue.

Update-29th December 2017: Ripple Showing good peak rate since last one week and giving tough competition to Bitcoin cash and now chasing Ethereum so right investing in XRP will be good choice.

Update-21st January 2018: 15th January cryptocurrency facing crash i.e. price is falling and as because of South Korea Banning trading fake news and maximum supply of Ripple is almost over which result Ripple is showing huge dropped in price after reaching all time highest with 3.5 USD and it also dropped in ranking shifted to 3rd position and recovery is really hard to say but it surely showing hike in price till end of February 2018.


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