Ripple Vs Bitcoin Cash Vs Ethereum Price Prediction | XRP Vs BCH

Ripple Vs Bitcoin Cash

Ripple reaches its all-time high price with record breaking growing rate of nearly 309.9% from last month as we have seen steady report for Ripple price but when other cryptocurrency increasing huge growth ratio that time Ripple was pretty much silent by maintaining same price which result Ripple started losing its spot on highest market cap in which IOTA, Litecoin taking over Ripple and at one time Ripple was in 6th position but from last week other cryptocurrency again stopped price fluctuation and Ripple started gaining attention by beating Bitcoin cash to get 3rd position now chasing Ethereum and Bitcoin in cryptocurrency world this happen because of from last two days there is 74.46% per day growth ratio and if this maintain throughout December month then Ripple may come closer to Ethereum market cap as its perfect time to invest money in Ripple coin so they can grab good profit in upcoming days.

Ripple Vs Ethereum

Ethereum after reaching all time high with price 721 USD now started dropping in prices with 7% of drop rate which result rival cryptocurrency Ripple is started gaining enough attention and in future may Ripple crossed 1 USD in future till end of 2018 as compare Ethereum to Ripple then market cap value is nearly half of its rival but we always seen to grow cryptocurrency one day is enough no matter gap of two cryptocurrency as Litecoin being steady with 55% growth from last week which suddenly drop so its create confusion because one by one cryptocurrency started showing their dominance so idea is simple for investing money as just check price report of cryptocurrency and find which one steady with price then simply invest in that and you will have awesome profit amount.

Ripple Vs Bitcoin Cash Vs Ethereum
Ripple Vs Bitcoin Cash Vs Ethereum

Ripple Price Prediction

Ripple Prediction
Ripple Prediction

As we have given price prediction few days back which turning out to be true just difference in .01 USD difference which was set according previous month to month difference in price which is converted into percentage and with same percentage we have set next month and year prediction which pretty nearer to actual report now as we noted price 0.20 on start on November month which remain steady for beginning of first week of December month in which Bitcoin, Ethereum and IOTA was showing huge growth so after being silent for two week Ripple makes his comeback on third week of December by noting price of 0.81 USD on 15 December 2017 and till first week of January month Ripple will cross 1 USD mark and expected set all time high with 1.6 USD so investing right on Ripple is good for business.

Ethereum Price Prediction

Ethereum Prediction
Ethereum Prediction

Ethereum price hiking just like Bitcoin in same percentage which result with same growth ratio Ethereum expected to cross 1000 USD mark in first or 2nd week of January 2018 and giving tough competition to Ethereum but more likely Bitcoin prices expected to cross 25,000 USD mark on same date of Ethereum which result it started losing investor so choice left for many investor is Ethereum and Ripple so now real competition will be begin for Ripple Vs Ethereum which will be ended with all investor happy and as we talking about taking down position then Ripple may steady with 3rd position and may dropped to 4th position but not below this position because litecoin and Ripple price difference in market cap is really high and for investor it’s not right to time invest in Ethereum because wait for some week because there is huge possibility Ethereum prices will be dropped.

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Bitcoin cash Price Prediction

Ups and downs seen from last week with Bitcoin cash price but because of this Ripple able to defeat Bitcoin cash and as after reach all time highest price with 1940 USD this coin just 60 USD short to breaking 2000 USD record but till end of December ro start of January month Bitcoin cash may break this record and become second cryptocurrency to reach this price for per coin as just like Bitcoin which advanced to Bitcoin cash to grab attention from investor because of having same name but now because of high price Bitcoin cash graining less attention.

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Ripple Vs Bitcoin Cash Vs Ethereum

Cryptocurrency NameRipple Bitcoin CashEthereum
Market cap Value$81,913,583,937$40,167,051,799$31,956,462,932
Market cap Position4rd3th2nd
Growth Rate per Month55%62%50%
2018 Price Prediction1.6 USD2,200 USD950 USD
Max Supply99,993,093,880 XRP21,000,000 BCH55, 96,351,280 ETH

Note: above value set according to graph of cryptocurrency in 2017 month.

19th December 2017-Update: Ethereum crossed 800 USD mark with 8.64% peak rate and Ripple maintaining growth with 10% per day report but Bitcoin cash gets more attention in this comparison with peak rate 28.47%.