Should I Invest in Ripple XRP? Cryptocurrency in 2018, Now Today

Ripple was established in the year 2012, and it is becoming popular and gaining trust due to one of the old Cryptocurrency in the market and attractive growth rate from the beginning itself. In this post we will try to answer the question everyone is thinking of that is should I invest in Ripple XRP? First of all we will introduced this Ripple Cryptocurrency in short. As I told earlier Ripple started its journey in 2012 and developed by Ripple Software Company. Ripple currency is written in C++ and it support Linux, windows and OS X. One more thing before going ahead, the information being provided in this page is just for informational purpose, you should not make any decisions related to investment based on this data or figures. You should take expert advice from Finance expert before investing money in cryptocurrencies.

why should i invest in ripple
why should i invest in ripple

Should I Invest in Ripple?

Initially in year 2013 August price of 1 Ripple was 0.005874 and now current price of 1 XRP is 2.46$. To answer the question of should I invest in Ripple, we will list out the advantages of Ripple.

  1. Most of the banks have chosen to invest money. We have listed out the banks or big industries who have invested in the Ripple are as follow: –
  2. Standard Chartered
  3. UBS
  4. UniCredit
  5. Santander
  6. People are moving from Bitcoin to Ripple, the reason might be the low value of Ripple as compare to Bitcoin.
  7. As much low value any crypto currency have the more potential of growth it have. For example suppose there are two coins A and B. A is having current value in thousands dollars but B coin have value in few cents. And if you invest 1000$ in both currencies. Suppose after few months’ coin A price became double than before with growth rate 200% but coin B growth rate will be much better even though the price of coin B has not reached thousand dollars value.

Top 5 Reasons Why Should I Invest in XRP?

Ripple is also called as XRP in short form. Below we have listed down top 5 reasons that supports investment in Ripple.

  1. Low price per coin

Ripple started with too much less value of 0.005874$ USD because of all max supply of Ripple that is 100 billion dollars were created at the initial stage only. For any coin, if the

  1. High speed transaction

Ripple is giving very fast transaction rate as compare to other available crypto currencies available in the market. Now a days everyone trust and reply on whichever is faster and takes no time for any transaction whether from Bank to wallet or vice versa

  1. Low volatility

As Ripple has started from very much low price value in USD dollars. The growth rate of Ripple is steady and incremental.

  1. Stability

Because of many international banks have chosen to invest in Ripple. We can expect stability in Ripple network, as banks will not move to other Bitcoin at least for next 2, 3 years until new eligible coin become popular in the digital market.

5. Potential of Growth

Ripple has too much potential of Growth because of lower price than other available Top crypto currencies. Yesterday on 30th December 2017, Ripple has achieved 2nd position in Top list of Crypto currencies with highest capitalization. Ripple has beaten Ethereum in terms of Market Capitalization with total of around 86 billion dollars. Also there is sudden hike in the cost of 1 XRP, it has become 2.20$ per XRP on 30th December while it was only 0.25 on 1st December 2017. So there is growth rate of around 10000% for month December in Ripple network.

In simple words, if you would have invested 100$ on 1st December 2017 in Ripple then it would be 10,000$ till the month end or year end.