Steem Price Prediction 2018, 2020 | Steem Coin Forecast Future 2019

Steem Price Prediction

Steem Coin gaining huge attention after entering into top 50 highest market cap list, as Steem is one of oldest cryptocurrency which was introduced in early 2016 year and because of age factor with huge load of investor Calculating Supply comes nearer to Maximum Supply, as less than 15% of Total Supply is available for trading, so this clearly indicate the Steem is going to reach at the point where cryptocurrency surge with skyrocket speed is coming soon, as Steem work on basis of SMT Digital asset which allow to user monetize Online content which means user can write content and get paid for writing content with lots of different platform like Advertisement with ERC-20 Token focusing on Proof of Brain and help to grow content business along with increase chances of earning money without big platform and Publisher and advertiser contact.

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Steem Price Prediction 2018

Steem Coin was listed on coinmarketcap in April 2016 and in less than 3 months it reaches to all time highest record of 2016 by crossing $1 USD mark and then falls with huge percentage where many of people not heard about cryptocurrency world, but in 2017 Steem was quite impressive because from May 2017 Steem started showing consistent growth in which it again set benchmark in 2017 by crossing $2 USD mark, so after looking at this two year report then this cryptocurrency surging with 150% peak rate, so many of investor looking forward and expect that Steem will be reach $3 USD mark in 2018 but when new year start Steem shows growth beyond expectation because in just 4 days on 4th January 2018 Steem reaches to all time highest of lifetime by reaching to $7.28 USD and then maintaining average $4.5 USD price in January 2018 it showing dominance in cryptocurrency and then just like other cryptocurrency graph where every coins prices are falling with huge drop rate.

Month & Year Steem Coin Price Prediction
April 2018 $5.5 USD
August 2018 $7.8 USD
December 2018 $12.34 USD

Note: with Average 135% Growth in Price in 2018.

Steem Price Prediction
Steem Price Prediction

Steem Price Prediction 2020

Steem show bad performance in February 2018 and on 6th January 2018 it reaches to all lowest of new year by reaching to $2.2 USD and again show ups, down in price with average $4.2 USD after mid of February 2018, now march 2018 it turning out be good recovery month for many cryptocurrency chart, now if Steem continue their growth performance in upcoming month, then Steem will reach be show average $5 USD price in April 2018 and till end of 2018 Steem will be surely reaches to $10 USD mark and in 2019 Price will be shows average performance in between $12 USD to $28 USD, as 2020 is biggest year and many people wanted to know how much Steem will worth after 2 year then if current average growth since December 2017 will be continue for 2 year then 2020 year will be start by crossing $30 USD mark and will end 2020 by crossing $50 USD mark and shows price fluctuation because Steem is content based cryptocurrency and always engaged with transaction which makes fluctuation in market cap value which also keep showing ups and won in prices.

Month & Year Steem Price Prediction
January 2020 $31 USD
August 2020 $48 USD
December 2020 $62 USD

Note: with 150% Per month Growth Rate above price are set.

Steem Wiki

Cryptocurrency Name Steem
Ticker Symbol Steem Coin
Month of Introduction 2016
Maximum Supply 267,864,068 STEEM
Technology ERC-20 Token Content Blockchain
Official Website
Exchange Upbit, Binance, Bittex, Poloniex, RuDex, GoPAX, HitBTC