Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2020, 2018 | XLM Forecast

Stellar Lumens Price Prediction

Stellar Lumens become popular day by day because right now if we talking about top cryptocurrency then this coin has maximum supply remaining with more than 85%, as we know from last few day because of total supply touches to maximum supply top 5 coins is price dropping with huge with huge percentage, so right now investor will choose Stellar Lumens over Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash because of Maximum Supply is huge, which help to continue price fluctuation means price changing with per hour rate, as in cryptocurrency investment many of investor choose that cryptocurrency which show maximum change in price and one other reason why Stellar is becoming biggest cryptocurrency in future is because it showing small growth by maintain consistency, as other coins Is falling with average 15% drop rate but in this crash Stellar survive and showing steady growth.

Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2018 to 2020

Stellar Lumens is going to be game changer in 2018 for sure as now its ranking on 6th position and if current steady growth remain constant for 15 days then this cryptocurrency will be in top 5 position by beating Bitcoin cash and will give tough competition to Ripple and Cardano, as Stellar is completely focused on micro payment by providing little bit boost to small payment transaction time and processing, so right now many investor looking to hold complete coin so after Cardano Stellar is most popular choice and will get more investor in February 2018 once Cardano total is supply is about to finished and looking forward to 2020 then Stellar will able crossed expected to cross 25 USD mark and because Stellar providing difference kind of facility like mobile branches, mobile money and Service for the Underbanked.

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XLM Forecast

XLM is ticker Symbol of Stellar Lumens which has 103,629,819,514 XLM Maximum Supply and because of age factor this cryptocurrency gaining huge attention now and may be replaced Ripple very soon because Ripple is showing huge dropped in price since 15 January 2018 and after reaching all time highest with 3.5 USD, prices continuously dropping and while prices were dropping there is news of South Korea banning cryptocurrency and many Asian portal also paused trading of Ripple because suddenly increased in number of investor, so just like Ripple prices surges from 0.60 USD to 3.5 USD less than one month, XLM Coin hold huge possibility to repeat this record or expected to set newest biggest record and will become 2018 biggest cryptocurrency and will be Ethereum in some months.

Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2020
Stellar Lumens Price Prediction 2020

On 23 January 2018 Stellar Lumens is trading with 0.43 USD and with 46.51% growth price nearly crossed 0.60 USD, but In the beginning of January 2018, XLM already reached all time highest mark with 0.75 USD, but just like all top 100 cryptocurrency suffering from loss in crash, Stellar not able to survive for few days, now looking forward then Stellar will be good investment till end of April 2018, after this start selling Stellar coin and keep checking maximum Supply on and of this comes closer to total supply then start thinking about selling investment in Stellar.

At beginning of March 2018 Stellar coin will crossed 1 USD marked and will defeat Ripple and Cardano in highest market cap race and till December 2019 it will crossed 5 USD mark and then till it expected to cross 15 USD mark till end of 2020 and on December 2021 Stellar Lumens will crossed 50 USD mark and for more price details check above table.