Stellar Vs Ripple Vs Cardano Vs Bitcoin Comparison Price Prediction 2018

Stellar Vs Ripple

Stellar Showing tremendous growth since last two week and showing steady report in January 2018 also which result it gains 7th position on highest market value by beating Litecoin, IOTA and Dash as this cryptocurrency was top 5 cryptocurreency of last year and beating them which indicate Stellar holding really good future in terms growth in price and gaining market cap value, now comparing with Ripple who doing exceptionally well from end of December 2017 because Ripple not only reached $3 USD mark but also beat 2nd most popular cryptocurrency Ethereum, as no one even predicted this happening as Ripple was showing straight graph in December beginning in which other cryptocurrency showing huge upward graph but after being silent for 3 weeks it turns whole December month in Ripple favour and now successfully holding number 2 position and beat Ethereum with big margin in market cap value so in this battle Ripple will be winner at month wise as well as year wise price difference.

Cryptocurrency Stellar Ripple
Last month Growth Rate 878.0% 1300%
Last 3 month growth Rate 8800% 1649.9%
Per Year Growth Rate 34130.7% 54587.5%
Market cap Value $15,701,419,925 USD $136,490,403,822 USD

Note: Ripple is Winner

Stellar Vs Ripple Vs Cardano Vs Bitcoin
Stellar Vs Ripple Vs Cardano Vs Bitcoin

Stellar Vs Cardano

Cardano cryptocurrency showing continues growth since last two weeks, which result cardano makes huge jump on highest market by beating new Litecoin, Nem and IOTA now giving tough competition to Bitcoin cash and currently holding 5th position, as this cryptocurrency was launched by Ethereum CEO and this is reason why this cryptocurrency able to build good market cap value and able to attract investor but comparing with Stellar right now is difference because when cardano was below top 5 position was showing same peak rate like Stellar current peak rate but as we once cryptocurrency enter into top 5 position then there will be small dropped in growth rate so in current situation stellar is winner in terms growth in prices and as well as in future Stellar will grow with huge peak rate but cardano already shown enough hike in prices and as per cryptocurrency history it will started dropping after reaching in certain point.

Cryptocurrency Stellar Cardano
Last month Growth Rate 878.0% 700.0%
Last 3 month growth Rate 8800% 5614.2%
Per Year Growth Rate 34130.7% 4700%
Market cap Value $15,701,419,925 USD $31,633,878,034 USD

Note: Stellar is Winner

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Stellar Vs Bitcoin

Bitcoin biggest cryptocurrency with highest market cap after showing dominance on table in first three of December, it started dropping with more than 30% drop rate now prices are fluctuating with limited range 13K USD to 16.5K USD and now because of high transaction fees and showing less response to accept low amount transaction and also system becoming slower as user increased it started losing investor from last weeks of December month but talking about cryptocurrency like ripple, cardano who transaction fees is very low as well they preferred low amount investment and accept more faster than Bitcoin, which result new enter cryptocurrency Stellar showing continues growth with more than 30% average peak rate so comparing Stellar with Bitcoin then Stellar will win right and in future also Stellar will be winner in terms of growth rate and as talking about history then Bitcoin having huge peak rate.

Cryptocurrency Bitcoin Stellar
Last month Growth Rate 34.78% 878.0%
Last 3 month growth Rate 269.04% 8800%
Per Year Growth Rate 1191.6% 34130.7%
Market cap Value $31,633,878,034 USD $15,701,419,925 USD

Note: Stellar is winner.

Ripple Vs Cardano

Ripple market value is now double than Ethereum and half of Bitcoin market cap which means there is huge possibility that Ripple will take control on cryptocurrency world by defeating Bitcoin, as Ethereum and Bitcoin growing very slow as compare to Ethereum just because slow transaction time and fees so if Ripple will continue growth then investor will also will increase in future in huge rate which result Ripple will number one highest market cap value will maintain position because of performance and to regain other cryptocurrency position they need to make lesser transaction fees as well as has to make better technology which increase user response and now comparing with cardano then Ripple is far better than Ripple is do not depend on any other cryptocurrency but cardano is depend on Ethereum and XRP already beat Ethereum so all time winner in this battle will be Ripple

Cryptocurrency Cardano Ripple
Last month Growth Rate 700.0% 1300%
Last 3 month growth Rate 5614.2% 1649.9%
Per Year Growth Rate 4700% 54587.5%
Market cap Value $31,633,878,034 USD $136,490,403,822 USD

Note: Ripple is Winner.

PS: value in table may changes with time.