Strayacoin Price Prediction How to Buy Straya coin Cryptocurrency Australia

Strayacoin Price Prediction


Here we are with another update for specially Australians who love cryptocurrencies. There is a good news for all of you who are Australian is that there is brand new Cryptocurrency named as ‘Strayacoin’ or you can say Straya Coin has been launched couple of days back. This coin is launched on Australia Day this year by an Australian Ex helicopter pilot named as Jack Hurley he is also entrepreneur and programmer. In this post we will talk about How to buy Strayacoin Cryptocurrency and Straya Coin price prediction for 2018, 2019 and 2020. You will find all about straya coin when it is launched, what is maximum supply and who is the current owner like this question’s answer are provided below.

Straya Coin

Here in this section we will provide you basic details such as when this Straya Coin launched, where it is available, how you can buy straya currency. There are number of question that would be in your mind such as what is official site of Straya coin, where I can use, buy and mine Strayacoin, what is current price of straya currency. All of this question will be answered one by one here in this post. If you have other questions in your mind please comment out below, we will surely try to answer it or create another article for you. Below are the few details of Strayacoin Cryptocurrency.

 Strayacoin Cryptocurrency

Launch date 26th January 2018(Australia Day)
Max Supply limit 25 million approx.
Current Price on 1st Feb 2018 NA
Country Australia
Owner Jack Hurley

Straya Coin Price

As the maximum supply limit of this straya coin is 24,809,843 which is nearly equal to 25 million. This is the exact population of Australia on that day. It means Hurley try to make the figure which will give at least one straya coin for all Australians. The current value or price of straya coin is not available at our end. We will update you as soon as we get it from any source.

You can use this straya cash to buy Vegemite, Coight, Dog and Australian Food. You will need to use Straya Coin Core software to make use of this strayacoins. For other cryptocurrencies price prediction read our latest post on: –

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How to buy Strayacoin Cryptocurrency

You can start mining Strayacoin using the guide available on website that is Right now as Strayacoin is new in the market so it will be very easy to do mining as compare when it will be reaching its maximum supply limit. So you should make an advantage of this situation and try to buy or mine straya coin currency.

Also, Strayacoin core wallet is available where you can store your Cryptocurrency.

Strayacoin Price Prediction 2018

Strayacoin price may boost by 5 to 10 times than right now on 1st February 2018. Because this coin straya coin is in initial stage of mining. So the price of this straya coin will increase with increase in demand and transactions. Note that is also depends upon Australian citizens whether they impress with straya coin and accept it or deny it.

Past performance of anything including cryptocurrencies cannot guarantee the future forecast. Investing in Cryptocurrency is highly speculative. The reason is value of cryptocurrencies is directly depends upon current supply and demand that is why it is very much volatile and vulnerable for hacking. You may face situation such as loss of all bucks you have invested. So you should always take an advice from an expert and think 10 times before making any move to invest in cryptocurrencies. We are not endorsing use of cryptocurrencies such as straya coin. So we advise you to do not use articles on this website for any investment advice or for making any decisions of investing in cryptocurrencies.