Tangle Vs Blockchain | IOTA Vs Blockchain Comparison Analysis Explained

Tangle Vs Blockchain

Every cryptocurrency works under technology so similarly Blockchain is technology which help cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other in terms of transaction, exchange, mining and to store information it uses Blocks but after IOTA suddenly start hiking with prices everyone started notice about this IOTA which works under Tangle Technology which is nothing but DAG i.e. Directed Acylic Graph which has finite number of edges and vertices in their architecture works under one limitation that user cannot go back to same vertex where they came from in simple word in vertex and edges Tangle stored their information, but in Blockchain in network you can trace any transaction from blockchain.info for which user has to connect with wallet but in Tangle it’s very hard to trace transaction summary for use even if they connected with IOTA wallet.

Tangle Vs Blockchain Comparison

Transaction confirmation SpeedFastSlow
Transaction FeesLowHigh
Micro-transactionPossibleMore frequent
Information stored inNodesBlocks
MinersDon’t have Miners  Blockchain has miners
Hard Fork and Soft ForkNot supportSupport
Distributed consensusYes, You have to Buy consensusYes, Miner help to create consensus
Prove WorkIt uses Hashcash LiteIt uses Hashcash
ScalabilitySupportDo not support
Quantum SecurityEnabledDon’t support
Offline capabilityYesNo
Transaction WeightageAll transaction confirm instantlyLow Fees transaction takes longer to time to confirm
Attack Protection51%34%

Note: In Above comparison we set different value which is set according recent analysis on IOTA and Bitcoin.

Tangle Vs Blockchain
Tangle Vs Blockchain

Tangle Vs Blockchain Comparison Analysis


Tangle: Every transaction are connected with each other by Edges and in that one transaction only two previous transaction as more people use system then system speed will also increase but in Blockchain with more number of use system become slower because limit of block size, and because of scalability millions of computer can join network without worrying about to many machines and chances of Manipulation network is really low which means there is low possibility to hack Tangle system and Tangle instantly approved every transaction even if it has low fees so this system works more faster with number of transaction increases in which some they approve two transaction at time for which new transaction first verified then gets approval and if there is low number of user is causes ecosystem to work more slower and because of no fees for transaction user can do micro-transactions in perfect manner.


Blockchain: Every transaction are connected to each other by blocks and as number of user increase then system become slower so transaction which has low cost will be ignored and takes longer time to approve it cost more fees for every transaction even it is micro-transactions, it has higher chances of getting hacked with low security issue with miner percentage, it has miner who can create Distributed consensus to connect each transaction to each which automatically help them for fast and more convenient transaction and it grows according time and so there are some changes with time passed become more advanced day by day in each block has more capacity and higher bandwidth.

IOTA Vs Blockchain

IOTA is more basically worked under tangle which specially uses for low amount transaction with help of edges which are connected two other transaction which improve its ecosystem with higher numbers of user which don’t not support soft fork and hard fork but this limitation overcome with Stability Support which don not available for Blockchain as for higher transaction in Tangle you have to buy Distributed consensus separately but Blockchain miner automatically created consensus and in terms of security Blockchain is poor than tangle so having IOTA than Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchain based coin is more safe and in terms of hashing data IOTA is also good and more secure than blockchain but as we know Blockchain become biggest and most used technology just looking at first three highest market cap holder is working under blockchain they definitely doing to be best and more secure for user so they can trust more in future and no other technology taking over Blockchain.

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Tangle Vs Bitcoin

Both Tangle and Blockchain used P2P and validation mechanism which no don’t have fixed central authority but in each transaction of blockchain there is some authority who get percentage money as transaction fees from user, in Tangle both participant is active which means there no involvement of any authority which charges zero transaction fees, as IOTA founder is very creative in which as increase in system then more device will be connected with each other which involve internet of thing concept it is inner networking machine software to different device to exchange data, IOTA is help to reduce human component and has single point of failure which become very easier to find where is error and to fix as early as possible, but in Blockhain Data integrity is ensured but in terms all transaction and security and more feature Tangle is better than Blockchain so final verdict on this Battle Tangle is future technology for cryptocurrency which has huge chances to beat Blockchain.