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Telegram ICO

As we familiar with Telegram cloud based instant messaging service which is likely to enter into cryptocurrency world after hype in cryptocurrency Investment right now Telegram is about to launched biggest and Multi-Billion Dollar priced ICO, which has huge market cap value and which will worked on own Blockchain technology and expected to have token name TON cryptocurrency, its officially confirmed by TechCrunch while they having official chat with Telegram company, as if this cryptocurrency will launched in future then it will be over taken many other cryptocurrency because number of user Of Telegram is all over world, so they can promote their cryptocurrency and also they expected to launched Wallet on Telegram Application which is available for iOS, Android, Mac, Window, Blackberry user, so Telegram aka TON coin will get huge number of investor, which expected to create impact on price and seen continuous growth in market cap, so considering all this factor they planning to launched with Multi-Billion cap Value. As there is no updates on pre-sales and as they already teases in few month hundred million of token will be sold in flash sale.

Telegram coin

As Telegram coin is not officially launched so there listing on coinmarketcap is postponed as TON is based on Telegram Open Network is Third generation of Blockchain, which will give tough competition to Bitcoin and Ethereum Blockchain in terms of superior transaction speed and fast in transaction approval, as we know Telegram is non-profit application so founder expected to launched Telegram Payment system will collaborate with Telegram Open Network, as name suggest it will worked on Open network which means every use can see transaction report from billions of user but for other cryptocurrency, there is different portal to see transaction system, as Telegram coin is not making good study about user requirement and also possible future of cryptocurrency in world.

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Ton Coin Price

As Ton coin price not yet announced but according report of TechCrunch there will be $500 million Raising in ICO sale and token sale with carried out in between $3 billion to $5 billion, as expected launched date of ICO pre-sale on March Month and expected to rise in Price and reached upto $230 million till July.

Telegram coin News

As Telegram already trending on news as one of the best technology news blog TechCrunch who already posted about Telegram coin, as many people saying this is fake news and stop spreading but as other massaging company like Flash and other who launched their own cryptocurrency and expected to work by using smart contact and payment will be sent by encrypted message.

  • Telegram is First Multi-Billion chat cryptocurrency.
  • Telegram will have first Third Generation Blockchain with Telegram Open Network.
  • Pre-Sale will be Begin on March.
  • Over 5 Billion dollar worth Ton coin token will be distributed in Flash-Sale.
  • Telegram will Published Whitepaper Very Soon.

Telegram coin Price Prediction

Telegram ICO
Telegram ICO

As per TechCrunch already predicted on Value of ICO will be raised from 5 Billion Dollar to $230 million USD till end of July 2018, so there is huge queue to Buy TON coin in its first pre-sale and whoever successful grabbed Ton coin will be in great profit in future, because this coin is going to be biggest cryptocurrency in new launched coin and also give tough competition in terms of features and services for peer to peer exchange of different currency of world, as there are 80 million user of Telegram so if this coin is launched in future then they will be get notify first and as there is no confirmation about this cryptocurrency which means there are chances this news will turning out to be rumours, so right now Predicting price is not possible.