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The Next Big Cryptocurrency

Right now creating new cryptocurrency not very hard task because there many platform which provide to Blockchain platform, so every there many new cryptocurrency launched with Initial Coin Offering in which they also provide Bonus for new user, so they can build good market cap value on launched then later once token coin finished in token sale then officially trading will be started by listing on Trading exchange portal in which you can convert big cryptocurrency to newly launched coin, as from last few days we have seen huge price dropped in Top 100 Cryptocurrency, so many people worried about their investment money because there is no growth in price and fluctuation is almost stopped because they already reached their maximum supply, so investing in newly launched coin will be great choice because their Maximum supply is lesser than 50% is sold out so, if user invested their money right now, then till maximum supply will be equal to Total Supply that time prices already reached all time highest and user will bag huge profit from invested money, so here we listing some Next Big cryptocurrency.

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The Next Big New Cryptocurrency 2018

  1. Kodak Coin: After announcement of launching Kodak coin then Kodak Photography product based United States Company shares prices rises Tripled in just 2 days, as along with Kodak coin there is bitcoin miner will be launched by Kodak in which user will get miners for limited time, and as their Initial coin offering not yet announced but there are many news it may happening on end of January, as Kodak coin is mainly focusing on Photographer work protected online in which user can create their photography licensed so user can sale their product online.
  2. SiaCoin: Sia is cloud Storage providing company also convert their business into cryptocurrency in which they providing world’s most cheapest cloud store beating Google, Amazon and many other could Store provider, and using which user can directly Buy storage via Sia coin, as in future could storage most wanted feature mainly to store data in more secure and safe way could store is perfect choice in future number of buyer will be increased which surely choose cheapest provider, so Siacoin become one of top cryptocurrency.
  3. Telegram Coin: One of the most popular messaging Application also comes in cryptocurrency race and Initial coin offering will be launching very soon in which over $1.2 billion worth will be offer to 200 million user of Telegram and there is huge possibility that they bringing new payment option, which is easy and secure to use integrated to mobile Application Telegram and also involvement on Mobile Phone mining, as they already mentioned that there will be Multi Million market cap value will be there for Telegram coin, TON will be symbol for this cryptocurrency.
  4. Binance Coin: Binance is one of the most popular trade exchange portal in which more than 50 cryptocurrency is available to buy Via Exchange and also offering good bonus to new customer as well as they also started referral program in which 50% profit credited to each referral and in terms of price change in just 6 months prices surge from 0.11 USD to 19 USD which is really huge growth as compare to other top cryptocurrency, so in future number of customer increased then its will help to build market cap value in which Price also rise with huge peak rate.
  5. Dogecoin: Doge Is very popular Meme logo based on Shiba Inu Chinese Dog breed, also gaining attention from investor after showing huge growth in New year and now days meme is one of best entertaining factor of internet which result it help to get more popularity, as Dogecoin is one of the oldest cryptocurrency which is launched 4 year ago and prices hiked from 0.00002 USD to 0.017 USD price, investing right now will great choice because it falls in low price cryptocurrency which expected to show higher growth rate.
The Next Big New Cryptocurrency 2018
The Next Big New Cryptocurrency 2018
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