Tron Testnet New Features? | TRX Price Prediction June 2018 (750%)

Tron Testnet

Tron founder Justin Sun makes huge announcement of launching Tron Testnet and after this on 31st may 2018 mainnet will be launch as many of starting thinking about what is testnet and mainnet then it means it is main network where actual transaction taken place on distributed ledger and there will be also testing of Dapps, as newly launched Tron will be adding new features to current technology and also migrating all user to new Blockchain Token i.e. ERC20 in ratio of 1:1 and it will have p2p network and also reward for developers for contribution along with new product also be listed on Blockchain Explorer, as right now there are very cryptocurrency which has main net so Tron on 31st may will be enter into top 5 cryptocurrency but right now Tron is price is dropped by percentage from February 2018 because of low maximum supply and cryptocurrency crash last longer than expected which resulting into huge loss in market cap.

Tron Testnet Features

  • Decentralized in the web
  • Tron will Technical progress of the testnet and outlook to the mainnet at May 31
  • P2P network means peer to peer transaction.
  • Reward for developer contributors: on-going & future plans (every user gets rewarded by TRX).
  • Display of blockchain explorer, wallet and other products (new product will be launching in online market place and wallet will be modified).

TRX Price Prediction April 2018

we are just one day way from starting new month i.e. April which is going to super awesome for Tron cryptocurrency because there are possibility tron will regain their previous growth rate in April 2018 and reaches to $0.31 USD and create new all time highest record with 737.83% peak rate which means 24% per day growth, as right now TRX  is trading with $0.035 USD and maintaining same price from beginning of 2018 then there is more than two cryptocurrency crash happen where Bitcoin is price dropped below $7k USD and Ripple aslo dropped below $0.91 USD  after reaching to all time highest with $3.2 USD and many other top cryptocurrency is falling down in which only coin showing growth are newly launched coins who just finished Initial Coin Offering (ICO) or launched their hark fork version, so with help of this TRX will gets extra boost in Price rise and we have breakdown of TRX 2018 Price Prediction.

Tron Price Prediction 2018

Month & YearTron Price Prediction
June 2018$0.086 USD
August 2018$0.159 USD
December 2018$0.196 USD

Note: above price is set according to further changes in Tron Technology with average 120% per week growth Rate.

so Test network and main network expected to turning point or breakout for Tron cryptocurrency hopefully tron will get enough attention from investor again and by launching this Tron again proves that they are most active cryptocurrency right now, will be give tough competition to Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum by launching their own payment method and again on Binance Tron again will be highest exchange cryptocurrency and also there will be HODL program for new 3rd generation program carried out by Tron Team and  this event will be added to road map also few more announcement will done in upcoming week.

Tron Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameTron
Ticker SymbolTRX
Year of Introduction2017
Maximum Supply100,000,000,000 TRX
Abouttest network based cryptocurrency