Vechain Price Prediction 2018, 2020 | VEN Forecast Future

Vechain Price Prediction

Vechain after Initial coin offering started with 0.23 USD on 22 August 2017 and with small growth in prices is maintain till 1st December 2017, and in December month while other cryptocurrency prices increase with skyrocket speed that time Vechain also showing huge growth rate and enter into top 200 cryptocurrency listed by highest market cap and Vechain has huge total Supply of VEN with 277 million VEN coin is available for mining and to trade and in that 68.03% coins is available for users, as right now top cryptocurrency showing fall in price just because of their maximum supply is about to finished so in future Vechain will get lots of investor, as Vechain is non-profit based cryptocurrency which was established in July 2017 at Singapore, which is based on Ethereum Blockchain and as we every cryptocurrency has speciality so similarly Vechain is offer Blockchain to Enterprises to provide safety and secure data for product like Liquor, Luxury Goods, Auto, Retail, Agriculture, Logistic.

Vechain Price Prediction 2018

Vechain is about to reached 10 USD price after reaching all time highest on 22 January 2018 and now gaining huge attention from investor because from 15 January all cryptocurrency facing huge price dropped and now it slowly all cryptocurrency recovering with less than 5%, but Vechain is only cryptocurrency in from top 100 highest cap holder list showing average 30% per day peak rate, which result Vechain is shifted upward to 20th position and now giving tough competition to LISK, RaiBlocks, Omisego and Ethereum classic, Vechain price increase by 336.83% in January month and raised from 2.1633 USD to 9.45 USD and one more week to go means more 55% average percentage will added and in December Month Vechain prices surge by 828.45%, which is double growth rate than January month and it will continue till end of February considering maximum supply.

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Vechain Price Prediction 2020

Vechain is currently going under process of rebranding means Vechain going to upgraded in newest version i.e. Vechain Thor and in that VEN Token coin will be automatically converted into Vechain Thor and also Ticket symbol will also going to change from VEN to VET in which all transaction will be done using VET and also provide Stable, predictable budget for Enterprise users and new Blockchain platform is added having new features like Smart contact, Resource optimisation and adopt Proof of Authority. And in Initial coin offering there will be 150000 will be distributed to user.

Cryptocurrency NameVechain/Vechain Thor
Ticker Symbol/CodeVEN/VET
Platform/TechnologyBlockchain Thor
Date of IntroducedJuly 2017
Maximum Supply867,162,633 VEN

How to Buy/Exchange VEN

Trade Exchange PortalTrade Portal
·         Binance

·         HitBTC

·         Huobi

Note: Exchange BTC or ETH to VEN or VET.

Vechain Wallet

Desktop/Online Wallet
·         Trezor

·          MyEther Wallet

·          Ledger Wallet

·          Ethereum Mist DApp

·          MetaMask