Verge Coin Price Prediction 2018 | XVG Forecast December 2017

Verge Coin Price Prediction 2018

Verge coin is one of the most underrated coin in cryptocurrency because of its position in coin market cap, but it showing unbelievable peak rate from last two days Verge prices are increasing with 150% and this is highest growth rate till date for any cryptocurrency as we have huge cryptocurrency crash in which every coin is falling with more than 20% of price with daily rate, but in that Verge was showing nearly 5 to 6 % of dropping rate, as we mentioned 150% peak rate which was started from last week which result Verge showing huge improvement in highest market cap list and now giving tough competition to Tron, Ethereum classic, Qtum and NEO, as Verge coin was started in 2014 with very low priced which is nearly 0. 000005 and shows very steady report for more than 2 years then as other cryptocurrency December 2017 is turning out to be awesome year in which on 24 December 2017 AVG coin prices hiked to $0.243121 USD from 0.052 USD which is noted on 18 December 2018.

Month & YearVerge Price Prediction
January 20180.375 USD
February 20180.575 USD
March 20180.622 USD
April 20180.734 USD
May 20180.975USD
June 20181.209 USD
July 20181.373 USD
August 20181.527 USD
September 20182.284 USD
October 20182.603 USD
November 20183.532 USD
December 20184.557 USD

Note: above report set according to per month peak rate calculate from 30 December 2016 to 23 December 2017 with price difference and above report not 100% True.

XVG Forecast December 2017

Verge Coin Price Prediction 2018
Verge Coin Price Prediction 2018

XVG is coin of Verge cryptocurrency with 16,555,000,000 XVG Maximum Supply, now as we know December month is game changer of cryptocurrency world because started from Bitcoin who prices are hiked with really huge peak rate now trending on first position by holding highest market value as well as highest price and expected to cross 20K in end of December month and talking about XVG coin which is showing also same peak rate like Bitcoin and sometimes it showing more than Bitcoin so investing right for more than nearly 5 months will help you to earn more profit amount and because its low priced cryptocurrency who loss is nearly 0% because every low priced cryptocurrency drop rate is really low as compared to high priced or mid-range price, s till December month with 150% peak XVG coin expected to cross 0.304 mark and set new record with all-time high price record.

DateXVG Price Prediction
29th December 20170.291 USD
30th December 20170.356 USD
31st December 20170.3289 USD

Note: as above report is set according fluctuating peak and drop rate which is set by taking average of November to December 2017.

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Verge Price Prediction 2019

Verge is currently holding 16th positing in highest market cap and as compare to last month Verge jumped up by 4 position with $3,516,758,560 USD market cap and good amount supply are sold out now in 2019 will be turning out be really awesome year in terms on prices and growth in which many investor will show huge response for investing and many big industry and companies after looking at performance is dealing with verge owner for partnership which help in future for building huge market cap which indirectly related to prices of XVG coin, so people who wanted to invest money right now go for verge coin instead of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin cash because reason are simple holding whole coin instead of divided coin always will be profit because in cryptocurrency world you always get surprises and in prices.

YearVerge Price Forecast
Start of 20194.6 USD
Mid of 20195.6 USD
End of 201912.25 USD

Note: Above price prediction set according one year moving average with 4900%.

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