Verge Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 | XVG Price Forecast Estimate

Verge Price Prediction

Hiking prices with more than 100% per day growth rate often to seen in low price cryptocurrency but from last week Verge who currently holding 29th position in highest market cap just because of lowest per coin but now growing with average 80% per day growth rate since last week which is means as per investor mind this will give sure shot profit even if you are short time or ling time investor as noted on 1 November 2017 Verge price noted is 0.0062 USD but in just one month it prices hike with 998.3% just like other low price cryptocurrency like IOTA, Cardano and Ripple who’s average per year growth is 1000% so after Bitcoin and Ethereum showing dominance in Price now it’s time to Low priced cryptocurrency now after calculating per day and per hour growth rate of verge cryptocurrency, this coin will cross 0.095 USD on 1st Week of January month, then immediately following same growth it will pass all time high record with 0.1+ USD.

Update Date: 22nd January 2018

Note: Refer Below Table for latest prediction of Verge coin.

Verge Price Prediction 2018

As we noted from price graph it showing continuous upward arrow in date to price graph is indirectly indicate just like other coin it initially for one week it grow with huge percentage then again on weekend small drop in price with below 5% then again on next week it will show steady report for month with nearly to 5 to 6 % and in other hand it’s all about number of investor increase rate which main factor to increase cryptocurrency coin as Verge coin already grabbed many investor attention with big per day growth so now they will start investing in which after 2 to 3 weeks recent growth will observe and that date will be is somewhat in 1st week of January 2018.

Verge Coin Price Prediction
Verge Coin Price Prediction
Month & YearVerge Price Prediction
January 20180.061 USD
February 20180.075 USD
March 20180.122 USD
April 20180.234 USD
May 20180.275USD
June 20180.329 USD
July 20180.373 USD
August 20180.427 USD
September 20180.484 USD
October 20180.503 USD
November 20180.532 USD
December 20180.557 USD

Note: steady growth of 916.3% noted from last per month.

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Verge Price Prediction 2019

Verge cryptocurrency with symbol name XVG specially designed for daily fast transaction of different currency also improve blockchain performance doing many modification now as per report many big company all over world accept verge currency directly to buy their production so slowly this currency growing and will have great future now talking about nearly one year after today then we mentioned in low rate cryptocurrency article that they are future just because of straight growth rate and sudden change in growth with huge amount so similarly like Ripple and IOTA this coin will have great future.

Month & YearVerge Price Prediction
January 20190.57 USD
February 20190.62 USD
March 20190.79 USD
April 20191.32 USD
May 20191.65 USD
June 20191.98 USD
July 20192.56 USD
August 20192.89 USD
September 20193.23 USD
October 20193.98 USD
November 20192.56 USD
December 20195.2055 USD

Note: this report calculate with 55% more percentage than previous year.

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Verge Prediction 2020

Binance, Bitrex and other leading exchange cryptocurrency portal now featuring this coin on top position from last week which means buyer started growing and trading bitcoin and ethereum to verge over ripple and IOTA in terms of percentage is more than previous week so it may continue his dominance till end of December month so as per month wise growth rate we set below Verge Prediction with following previous month report

Month & YearVerge Price Prediction
January 20205.4 USD
February 20208.9 USD
March 202012.4 USD
April 202019.1 USD
May 202022.4 USD
June 202026.7 USD
July 202029.7 USD
August 202032.5 USD
September 202035.6 USD
October 202037.5 USD
November 202040.05 USD
December 202043.6 USD

Note: above value may differ from estimate value.

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 XVG Forecast Estimate

YearXVG Maximum Estimate
20180.568106 USD
20195.2055 USD
202043.6 USD

Update-22nd January 2018: there was news at Beginning of January that Verge users IP address leaked after that Verge makes changes to make more secure and private, as Verge after reaching all time highest with 0.27 USD on 24th December 2017, showing steady report and price fluctuating with limited range from 0.15 USD to 0.13 USD till 15 January 2018 and after this day cryptocurrency crash begin in which along with other top cryptocurrency verge also get affected and price is started dropping and reached to 0.07 USD lowest XVG price on from December month, as today this cryptocurrency showing recovering and reaches to 0.10 USD and talking about Maximum supply which recently created impact on Ripple, bitcoin then Verge also suffering from same problem because only 20% Supply is available for user to trade or mine according to coinmarket cap report, so after it losing investor some coins will added to supply and expected to show huge growth in March 2018.