ViaCoin Price Prediction 2018, 2020 | Via Cryptocurrency Forecast Future 2019

ViaCoin Price Prediction

Viacoin was launched in 2014 and one of the oldest cryptocurrency bringing todays generation features like hardware wallet support, Scalability, Auxiliary Proof of Work and gives special security to blockchain for every transaction by Scrypt Coin and also allow miner to mine more than one Blockchain, as right now Viacoin has 23 million total supply and almost 95% supply is traded or mined, means Viacoin is currently in phase where prices are starting hiking with huge surge rate which probably last for 15 days or 30 days maximum, as there are rumours going on of Binance trading exchange portal hacked and hacker stolen some amount coin but because of this many investor delay their investment but latterly Binance Team says all money are safe and no one hacked our system, as Viacoin is getting huge response from investor from Binance so following this hopefully people will start showing interest again.

Month & YearViacoin Price Prediction
December 2018$9 USD
December 2019$26 USD
December 2020$51 USD

Note: with 80% Per month growth Rate.

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Viacoin Price Prediction 2018

Viacoin in 2018 trendsetter because in just 8 days of starting new year Viacoin is reaches to all time highest till March 2018 after reaching $7.2 USD mark on 9th January 2018 and then showing steady growth rate and price fluctuation by maintaining average $5 USD price, as from January 2018 all cryptocurrency showing huge surge in their price but after this cryptocurrency market reaches to all time highest in terms of growth percentage and started showing huge dropped in price which is also called as cryptocurrency crash in which all top cryptocurrency who having age of more than 2 months shows huge percentage in drop rate, so this crash is happening more frequently than previous year which result now price rising and drooping rate is nearly equal that’s why price are obtaining limited range throughout month.

Month & YearViacoin Forecast
January 2018$3.5 USD
August 2018$7 USD
December 2018$9.4 USD

Note: 120% per month Growth Rate.

Viacoin Price Prediction
Viacoin Price Prediction

Viacoin Price Prediction 2020

As in 2017 month as every month there is average growth of 80%, as in December 2017 ViaCoin shows 101.85% growth in price in which prices are hiked from $2.16 USD to $4.36 USD, then in January 2018 with 61.92% this coin reaches to all time highest of by crossing $7 USD mark but ended up by -20% where prices dropped from $4.03 USD to $4.54 USD in this month there is two cryptocurrency crash and then in February 2018 Price again dropped by -30% in which on 1st February 2018 price is $3.45 USD and it dropped to $2.42% which clearly indicating Viacoin is falling rate is increasing with month and now after it reaches to maximum supply after showing huge growth till 15th march 2018, as in first week Viacoin already shown 45.64% Growth by reaching $3.51 USD, so talking about price prediction after two year from now then on January 2020 Viacoin will crossed $51 USD mark then following same growth rate till mid of 2020 means near about august month it will reach $60 USD mark and in the end of 2020 Viacoin worth $73 USD which enough to attract investor that time.

Month & YearVia Coin Price Prediction 2020
January 2020$51 USD
August 2020$61 USD
December 2020$72 USD

Note: 120% per month growth in 2019 year.