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Vibe Coin

Vibe cryptocurrency specially designed for Virtual Reality Market Place which worked is available globally based on Ethereum with main purpose to use in micro transaction on the VIBEHub Platform, Vibe Token distribution was started on 7 August 2018 with 25 minimum ETH purchase and team also makes announcement of Total Supply which is nearly 267 million and in that 160.2 million coin are pre-mined, as there are lots of exciting features provided by this cryptocurrency like Monetizing a Virtual World with help of Volumetric Video and content in VR and AR also, provide awesome platform to reach to audience with huge number via Stream to the Artist and Educators, to entertain user they provide, music, gaming and dating marketplace and also education one stop shop platform, as right now in cryptocurrency world coin who don’t charges any transaction fees and no involvement of third person and this middle person is replace by hybrid combination of Blockchain and also providing boost to micro transaction with more safer and secure way as their system constantly monitored and tested by bots and user can connect their experience via social platform, which is provided by VibeHub.

Vibe Coin Price

Vibe coin is totally based on Ethereum, so market cap value is calculate in ETH which has maximum limit of 115,000 ETH, as Vibe coin was started with price 0.0145 USD and 2017 year was ended with Price 0.20 USD which shows nearly 1279.31% growth rate from September month, Vibe coin getting more popularity on 10th December 2018 after showing 250+% peak in price and reaches to 0.43 USD in just 10 days.

How to Buy Vibe coin

Vibe Cryptocurrency News Wiki

Vibe coin enter into top 200 cryptocurrency club in just 3 days and 275 million Dollar market cap value, now expected to enter into top 100 highest market holder list and give tough competition to newly launched cryptocurrency, as there are many new coin launched almost every day and now days there is trend that developer focusing on Business based cryptocurrency, so just like this Vibe is based on future technology Virtual Reality which has awesome future and there will be millions of user will connected to this and Buy Product to see VR video and also they will be search on Video gallery on internet which provide latest Virtual Reality world, so considering this Vibe Providing you latest VR based video.

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Vibe Price Prediction

Vibe coin after showing lifetime peak rate of 1279.31% now it started gaining investor attention as talking about partner then Vibe Hub marketplace official partner are Moster Technology Group, Unity, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR and Oculus and Microsoft and this will help to Vibe coin to build good market value and which automatically create impact on Price and so investing right now will be great choice and for long terms because in future use of VR product will be increase and main stream on buying this product is via Vibe cryptocurrency.

Year Vibe Price Prediction
End of 2018 $5 USD
End of 2019 $15.6 USD
End of 2020 $35 USD

Note above prediction set according lifetime growth rate of Vibe coin.