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Vivo Coin

We already heard about VIVO Smartphone company, which offers cheapest android based smartphone provider all over world, so following similar name Vivo cryptocurrency is launched in August 2017 and now become one of the best coin to mine who giving maximum profit to user who is mining Vivo Coin, for this they has a very low pre-mine coin and more percentage of coins is available in total supply for mining, and after showing consistent growth in price chart right now this coin enter into top 500 highest market cap holder with this big popular exchange portal giving providing exchange for this coin and main reason why this cryptocurrency getting huge attention is because of awesome mining report in which they providing excellent master node platform in which they offering 50% generous Block Reward in their policy with guarantees superior, long and fair mining and also provide ASIC Resistant by NeoScrypt Hashing Algorithm.

Vivo Coin Wallet

Vivo officials providing wallet online supported on Windows, Linux user need to set up by following few steps on official website and now Wallet is officially launched for Android and iOS user.

Vivo Coin Price Prediction

Vivo Coin was launched as average low priced cryptocurrency with 3.14 USD in September 2018 following initial coin offering and after showing consistent performance in price, Vivo coin finally reached all time highest with $13.51 USD on 14 January 2018 in which all other cryptocurrency also showing huge growth so it seems like In just less than 5 month Vivo coin price hiked with 297.35% and after cryptocurrency crash it started showing small drop in price and now trading with 6 USD as average price, so talking about future then this coin is holding strong possibility to show surge in March or April 2018, because right now this coin trending for mining, so many people already started mining and when it comes to withdrawal which take one more month to build market cap value and then it will create impact to increase price, so investing right now may be turning out awesome for investor in profit point of view.

Cryptocurrency Name Vivo Coin
Ticker Symbol VIVO
Platform Masternode Platform
Official Website
Total Supply NA
Date of Introduced August, 2017
Country NA

How to Buy Vivo Coin

Direct buy option not yet available because this cryptocurrency is launched few month ago, so people who interest to buy below Vivo can use below exchange portal with your Bitcoin or Ethereum.

  • Cryptopia
  • NovaExchange
  • Poloniex
Vivo coin
Vivo coin

Vivo Coin Mining Pool

Refer below mining pool for Vivo coin with GPU power