Walton Coin Price Prediction 2018, 2020 | WTC Forecast Future

Walton Coin Price Prediction

Walton is recently launched cryptocurrency showing really awesome growth because in just 6 months price nearly rise from 0.95 USD to all time highest with 35 USD and as in cryptocurrency crash other coin price are falling, but Walton is showing 30% growth, which result in ranking of highest market cap race shows huge jump and currently on 40th position with this Walton become Korean biggest exchange cryptocurrency, as we know Korea is always on top in in terms of number investment and also able to create good market cap value after crossing 700 million USD and 65.71% of Supply WTC is still available for Trading and mining, so investing right now will be great choice, will show huge growth till end of March 2018, so on the basis of December growth we have set below value from 2018 to 2021, which is just expected value.

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Walton Price Prediction 2018 to 2020

In January 2018 Walton is already shows good peak rate of 140% and price changes from 10 USD to 24 USD, also maintaining average price near to 30 USD in cryptocurrency and right now top cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Ripple is facing total supply shortage issue, which result right now investor looking cryptocurrency who having low price and having total supply 50% or more than this so Walton is turning out be great choice and it also brining new concept after doing modification Value Internet of Things VIOTA to create business Ecosystem Integrated to real world with help of Blockchain Technology which alter Trade, Exchange, Organisation and invented by Scientist Charlie Walton, and it also has RFID technology which widely used in Mobile Payment and Identification of Fireway Building, which was launched in 30 November 2016.

WTC Forecast

70,000,000 WTC will be distributed to user and till end of January Walton will get lots of investor and will show continue surge in price and then again once it reached with maximum supply then prices will dropped just like top cryptocurrency,

Cryptocurrency Name Walton
Ticker Symbol/Code WTC
Platform/Technology Blockchain
Date of Introduced 30th November 2016
Official Website waltonchain.org
Maximum Supply 70,000,000 WTC
Country Korea

How to Exchange/Trade Walton

Trade Exchange Portal Trade Portal
·         Binance

·          ShapeShift

·          HitBTC

·          Yunbi

·          Allcoin

Vechain Wallet

Desktop/Online Wallet
·         Ledger Wallet

·          Ethereum Mist DApp

·          MetaMask

·         Trezor

·          MyEther Wallet