Wan Coin (Wanchain) Price Prediction 2018, 2019, 2020 Future Forecast Coinmarketcap

Wan Coin Price Prediction

Every cryptocurrency dropping with huge percentage so right now investor looking for coins which are launching in 2018 who having huge limited supply because newly launched crypto always show huge growth rate after launch for 1 to 2 months so looking forward and technology then Wanchain having ticker symbol Wan Coin is holding strong possibility to get huge number of user in future because Wan Coin is based very unique feature called as distributed financial infrastructure which makes huge transaction within second of time interval and with help of private smart contacts it connect with huge number of user and also specially designed for giving power to build new economy talking about price prediction then Wan Coin not yet official listed on coinmarketcap but and comparing same technology cryptocurrency we will give you prediction for Wanchain following some percentage.

Wan Coin Price Prediction 2018

Wanchain is officially listed on Binance for Exchange and currently trading at $ 4.29 USD price but user has to Exchange BTC to WAN coin, as to get listed on coinmarketcap.com then live price will be displayed and considering what will be expected price till end of 2018 then Wan Coin will crossed $10 USD mark till end of 2018 and maintaining average $7 USD price from August to December 2018 and many of you thinking $10 USD is very low prediction but looking at current situation in cryptocurrency its looks like all top coins who about to reaches its maximum supply is dead means their price is not fluctuating with huge percentage and there is only average below 10% ups and downs in price, which result people who invested in February 2018 are cashing out their money, which result right now market cap value of many cryptocurrency Is continuously dropping and also they losing top ranking on coinmarketcap.com

Month & YearWanchain Price Prediction
April 2018$6 USD
August 2018 $9 USD
December 2018 $16 USD

Note: above prediction are set considering average 30% per month growth in price.

Wan Coin Price Prediction
Wan Coin Price Prediction

Wanchain Price Prediction 2019

2019 will be great year for cryptocurrency because right now many of country still not able to finalised decision over future of cryptocurrency, as right now China already makes announcement to banned trading and mining is illegal but now many advertisement company like Google Adsense, Twitter, Facebook and many more decided to stop showing cryptocurrency related ads once contract which already made is finished, as we know there are huge commission  for exchange or referral and affiliate program and many coins like Tron and many other is based on ads platform they losing their investor because of this decision, so Wan Chain may get more attention in future because of huge maximum supply is available for trading and mining.

Month & yearWan Chain Price Prediction
January 2019$17 USD
August 2019$25 USD
December 2019$32 USD

Note: average 60% growth rate considering crypto crash and sudden growth.

Wanchain Price Prediction 2020

Wanchain will start 2020 year with average $30 USD and then with 60% of growth rate from 2018 it will nearly reached $50 USD mark but it fails to cross $100 USD mark till end of 2020 and there is sudden growth in price just like end of 2017 and beginning of 2018 then only it is possible that Wanchain will crossed $100 USD mark in 2018 only and maintaining same growth rate, it will trending at $500+ in future.

Cryptocurrency NameWanchain
Ticker SymbolWan Coin
Year of Introduction2017
Maximum SupplyNA
AboutFinancial Infrastructure cryptocurrency