WePower (WPR Coin) Price Prediction 2018, 2020, Wiki, Forecast

Wepower Price Prediction

highly advertised on YouTube and other social media platform WePower getting pretty much popularity from beginning of April 2019, reason behind this coin focusing on natural resources of power in Australia and in few days they are going to start registration of different company who generating power in Australia only, so with this they become first ever crypto who dealing with this different kind of topic, so considering current world and increasing need of power supply it is necessary to get information about resources.

Wepower already successfully achieved partnership with Energy Australia company, which makes them more simple to spreading their project for this they also have special energy smart contact which also help to connect energy buyer to producers, as in Australia people struggling to get best power supply, so with this project they easily makes direct contacts without involvement of brokers and third member who ask for commission.

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WePower Price Prediction 2018

WePower was indexed on coin market cap with $0.20 USD price in February 2018 then following effect of Initial coin offering its start hiking in price with shake of market cap value and within 3 weeks it reaches to all time highest with $0.27 USD price on 24th February 2018 and again there is huge price fluctuation, which result Wepower is getting average investor and after distribution of 30% of Total supply in ICO, it able to make good sales in supply and now only 45% is available for trading & mining, so investor who planning for investment then WePower will be great choice because price is really low just like ripple if it able to reaches to maximum supply then price start rising with sky rocket speed with this Wepower advanced to reach $1 USD price.

 Month Year WPR Coin Price Prediction
June 2018$0.231 USD
October 2018$0.60 USD
December 2018$1.0 USD

Note: above report is set according previous month performance of Wepower along with it also consider cryptocurrency crash and price on the moon event.

Wepower Price Prediction
Wepower Price Prediction

As we know April 2018 is really fantastic for cryptocurrency world because in from End of February 2018 people started losing interest in cryptocurrency and there is huge dropped in number of investor but because of constant growth in price people started investing in wepower and right now they are doing huge advertisement with google adsense because as per report in February 2018 along with Facebook, Twitter and other social media platform Google Ads also shutting down showing ads related to cryptocurrency, so this will be last opportunity to spreading their business, as Google Ads world biggest advertisement platform which uses worldwide. so it looks like plans is working because Wepower getting huge jump in ranking and expected to earns spot under top 100 cryptocurrency very soon and once people started recognizing this crypto it will have great future and also able break new record in growth.

WPR Coin Price Prediction 2020

WPR is ticker symbol of Wepower Network which is right now domination ranking of 101 t 200 top crypto. but talking about future i.e. 2020 means two year from now WePower will be highly successful cryptocurrency because talking about continuous shortage of resources and increasing population and pollution the natural resources will be playing major role because it will have high demand in future and along with this it has low cost as compare to current artificial sources, so sales will be increased and along with this transaction by using WPR will be hiked so it create good impact on market cap value and then price also on the moon.

 Month & YearWePower Coin Prediction
January 2020$6 USD
August 2020$8.2 USD
December 2020$13.8 USD

Note: average growth of 60% of Price per month above figure will turning out to be real.

as per the road map they already launched first platform in which they have finished testing of network by inviting partners, users and producers then after this they will start registration of energy producers and energy buyers in the globe and in august tokenization process will start with Estonian Energy source after this project they will announced their biggest blockchain project in energy topic in schedule press conference, then will invite user gets real life experience Blockchain’s Application and at then they will be planning to have their fist ever auction in November where Energy will be available for sale from different producers.

WePower Wiki

Cryptocurrency NameWePower Network 
Ticker symbolWPR Coin
TechnologyEnergy Blockchain
Maximum Supply745,248,183 WPR
Year of Introduction2018
Coinmaketcap listing2 February 2018
Official websitewepower.network
ExchangeBinance, Huobi, Liqui, Bitbns

Note: above data will be updated soon.