Where to Buy/Get/Exchange UCASH Coin, Trade, Mining, IBO, ICO, Bounty


UCASH coin is most trending Cryptocurrency in the market now. This U.CASH means Universal Cash. This U.CASH has also a short code as UCASH which is a unit of currency on U.CASH portal or platform. This is a P2P network based on blockchain technology aiming to convert all available currencies of all countries to cryptocurrencies or vice versa.  This is because of huge hike of 400% in a single day today change in growth rate. While at other hand all coins except UCASH in the list of top 100 cryptocurrencies based on the current market capitalization are going down. And the main reason behind this tremendous hike is this UCASH coin is newly available in the market since last 2 days. Also there is one more important factor in the growth of U.CASH coin is bounties available on UCASH portal.

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This Bounties by UCASH will let you earn free U.CASH coins by simply performing tasks such as account verification, transaction of 100$ USD, conversion of cryptocurrencies, linking social media accounts with U.CASH account and there are many more bounties available on the U.CASH/bounty webpage. We have already listed down the available and upcoming soon bounty for UCASH coin. For more details about UCASH coin price prediction you may also read our other dedicated article on: –

U.CASH coin ICO, IBO, UCASH Bounty Task List

How to Get UCASH Coin
How to Get UCASH Coin

This UCASH coin is available in the market since 9th February 2018. And it is shocking the Cryptocurrency world by its performance in the period of ICO. There are multiple reasons behind the growth rate of UCASH but most important is it is offering free UCASH coins just for performing small tasks called as Bounty tasks. That means after successful sign up you will get 290 UCASH coins credited on your account. By performing email and phone verification activity you will receive 290.4 UCASH coin as a bonus. Below is the list of tasks or UCASH bounty which will make you rich one day. The reason is U.CASH coin price is increasing rapidly as it is going through the period of ICO that is Initial coin offering. Right now out of 21 Billion UCASH coin only 8.6 Billion UCASH coin are circulating in the network. As soon as people start performing U.CASH bounty, there will be more number of UCASH available in the market. Also the rank of UCASH coin in the Top 100 highest capitalize Cryptocurrency is rapidly going up.

Find below the list of U.CASH bounty and Price or award you will get after successful completion of each activity.

  1. Account registration and email-phone verification- 290 UCASH
  2. Linking Social Media account(Facebook, twitter) – 100 UCASH (Each)
  3. Post on Social Media account(Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn)- 50 UCASH (Each)
  4. Follow on Social Media account(Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn)- 25 UCASH (Each)

Where I can buy UCASH? U.CASH coin Trade Mining

Before moving ahead we just want to clarify one thing is that this is just a tutorial or guideline article, we jiomobilephone1500.com do not endorse any coin in any way. You should buy, exchange or transact cryptocurrencies on your own risk. Because Cryptocurrency investment is subject to technical, market risks

You will have to follow below steps in terms of buying or purchasing U.CASH coin:-

  1. Visit btc-alpha.com
  2. Sign up or register your account on btc alpha.
  3. Click finance button on right top corner of your dashboard of btc alpha.
  4. Then you will need to click on deposit after that select UCASH
  5. You will be redirected to the page that will display address of transaction. Just copy it.
  6. Then go to portal of U.CASH and login.
  7. click on menu and select ‘withdraw UCASH’
  8. Enter address you copied in step 5
  9. Enter the amount of UCASH and click send UCASH.