Why Bitcoin is Falling Today? Explained | BTC Today Prediction

Why Bitcoin is Falling Today?

Today date 22 December 2017 turning out worst day for Bitcoin as well as other top 100 cryptocurrency because all after month Bitcoin started falling down with huge drop rate of 44.33% in per day report as Bitcoin drop down to nearly 13,500 USD From 19,500 USD in just 3 days as there is many reason of Falling Bitcoin Prices started with first reason as per many rumours there was bubble in prices of Bitcoin in which investor are waiting for perfect moment to invest so from last week many investor was stopped investing money because of Prices are nearly touching 20K and Bitcoin non steady peak rate as every day there lots of Prediction are out with different kind of study as from top predictor from Hong Kong who’s Prediction turning out be true, they prediction till first week of January 2018 Bitcoin expected to reach 25,000 USD mark, as we have seen all cryptocurrency are dropped expect Ripple which clear indicate Investor showing more interest in Ripple coin.

Bitcoin Price Falling Graph
Bitcoin Price Falling Graph

Top 10 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Falling Today

  1. Bubble in Prices: as per many rumours expert trader already warn people that Bitcoin prices bubbled to get attention from investor so to increase number of investor.
  2. Number of User: Bitcoin is worked on Block Structure in which as number of user increase the system will become slower.
  3. Bitcoin Prices are too high to Invest
  4. Bitcoin Transaction time is very slow for low amount investment as per recent report of Bitcoin technology Blockchain which clearly indicate that high amount transaction process is more faster than low amount transaction
  5. Transaction Fees: as compare Bitcoin Blockchain other cryptocurrency technology Tangle, Ethereum Blochain charges less transaction fess
  6. Ripple Cryptocurrency: Ripple is most steady cryptocurreny who drop rate is very lower as compare to other cryptocurrency and also because low price peak rate in percentage is really huge which cross 3K% in per month report assome of portal puts limit on buying Ripple that at least 55 Ripple coin investor has to buy.
  7. Bitcoin Miners Account Hacked: as in December month there are many report are coming about hacked account in which millions of bitcoin are stolen, because of this many people stopped investing
  8. Virus Attack: Attack also create impact and there are some virus which affect Bitcoin Blockchain and create some error which may lead many account Bitcoin is stolen.
  9. Fear of Banned: As many country looking forward to banned cryptocurrency because people started investing in cryptocurrency to save tax as in India Government send notice lakh of people who not filled tax in that 0.5 million people are paid his tax and invest money to Blockchain.
  10. Top Trade Investor Selling cryptocurrency: Top Japanese Trade Investor sold all cryptocurrency in just one week, who got many followers in worldwide reason is still unknown as 40% people are investing in cryptocurrency so looking at this figure is there any sign of cryptocurrency breaking down with huge drop rate.

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BTC Today Prediction

At morning Bitcoin Price was 13,890 USD now in real time price report it again changes 14,119 which means it will keep fluctuating in the price range of 13,500 USD to 15,000 USD which will continue till tomorrow and because of low price many investor already started investing money in Bitcoin and this result will be seen in Bitcoin Price in 2 to 3 days so its simple till tomorrow prices expected to drop more or steady with same range as we mentioned above but as we know if Bitcoin prices started dropping for 5 to 6 days then is comes come back with huge peak rate as price create new record by reaching all time high record and now most awaited record of prices to be broken is crossing 20K USD in which Bitcoin will be become first cryptocurrency to reach this record.

Bitcoin is Good Investment Right Now?

No, Because wait for some day because there is huge possibility prices will be dropped and expected to reach 12,300 USD in two days with same drop ratio and if you want to invest money right now then go for Ripple because only cryptocurrency show showing upward arrow in coin market cap is Ripple and from last 5 to 6 month this cryptocurrency showing really steady growth so long time investor Ripple will be good choice.