Why Cryptocurrency is Going Down Today | Tron, Ripple Crash

Cryptocurrency is Going down from 8th December 2018 and all top 100 cryptocurrency having highest market cap showing huge drop, as New year was started with good hike in prices, as cryptocurrency like Ripple, Cardano, IOTA, Stellar who gaining huge growth in prices and able to enter into top 10 also showing more than 10% drop rate, as there are many reason coming out which are responsible for cryptocurrency crash started with South Korea is about to banned cryptocurrency and justice ministry already confirmed  they looking forward on future of cryptocurrency as there are lots of coins which are originated from South Korea country and number investor are also high from South Korea, which result there is huge possibility this cryptocurrency crash will continue for 1 week more and this will be biggest cryptocurrency crash ever because last crash was last for 3 to 4 days only then again cryptocurrency started rising in price.

Why Cryptocurrency is Going Down today

  • South Korea Banned Cryptocurrency Trading: Banned: South Korea is about to banned cryptocurrency buy and sell via trade exchange with Bitcoin or other altcoin and but there is no report on mining, but Justice minister added that virtual currency on domestic exchange, who value hiking with huge growth rate.
  • Maximum Supply: As there some top cryptocurrency maximum supply and calculating supply is closer which means people believe that Prices will stop fluctuation and growth rate will be lesser as compare to previous year growth rate, so investor cashing out their investment money, as Ripple after reaching all time high of 3.5 USD that time maximum and calculating supply is very close which result many old investor started selling their XRP coin.
  • Newly Launched cryptocurrency: cryptocurrency count is above 6k and every there are many new coin launched as there are some big company like Telegram, Vibe, Kik, Kodak, Sia who launched their own cryptocurrency showing huge growth so in terms of security and transaction speed this doing pretty well, which result top highest market cap holder gaining less attention because of high per day growth rate, providing their top products with payment of their currency.
  • Bubble in Price: as many trade expert already warned about Bubble in cryptocurrency price, as to attract investor prices are hiked with huge rates and now after number of increasing user stopped that create impact in slow growth of market cap value, which result price started dropping from 2nd week of January month.
  • Sudden Growth in December 2017: December month is turning out to be biggest month because all top cryptocurrency showing up word arrow in prices for more than initial 3 weeks and world biggest cryptocurrency Bitcoin hiked with 10K USD and also Litecoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum show awesome growth rate, but at end of December scene is different because all low priced cryptocurrency showing surge after being steady for first 3 weeks, so as we know in stock market also there is month in which all shares shows huge growth rate and then in some month they shows drops in prices.
  • Cryptocurrency crash: this is second cryptocurrency crash in last two month and as many trade expert believe that bitcoin may dropped to below 10K USD and then again start rising and also Ripple will reach to 1 USD mark and again comes into low price category, as in this crash many people believe that South Korea will sold their coin they have invested, for safer side.
  • Fear To Ban: after china and South Korea banned trading of cryptocurrency there is huge chances that other country will join hand to banned virtual currency because it creating impact on country economy and also many people to avoid tax they have investing money in cryptocurrency, which is against rule so, now people started worried about their investment so instead of facing big loss they cashing out invested money no matter what is price of coins.
  • Trade Expert Report: many trade expert who investor also sold their cryptocurrency and also posted on social media, as they predicted there is many more cryptocurrency crash is coming in which prices will be dropped with more than 50%.
  • Growth in Investor is stable: as in beginning 2017 there less number of people who knows about what is cryptocurrency and but at end of last year many people started knowing about Bitcoin and other altcoin in which many new portal also launched for online trading and mining, which become trend so there it looks like most of people right now having enough knowledge about coin market and also know how to invest their money.

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Will cryptocurrency Started Rising Again?

Why Cryptocurrency is Going Down Today
Why Cryptocurrency is Going Down Today

Yes, there is many cryptocurrency crash comes which create impact on prices for maximum 5 to 6 days then again after that coin prices started growing with normal peak rate, as following recent cryptocurrency crash which expected to last for more 3 days then which means after 15 January prices about back in their original price.