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Google Bans Cryptocurrency

Initially world second most popular ads company facebook stopped showing Cryptocurrency ads on their pages but allow to user to promote initial coin offering and other cryptocurrency events but now while cryptocurrency facing huge loss because prices are continuously dropping and there are many reason behind this like cryptocurrency crash, low maximum supply and price fluctuation is less, in this another bad news coming of Google who has biggest advertisement network all over also schedule to banned cryptocurrency ads which is going to create really bad impact in future, as right now many you still finding cryptocurrency ads just because right now google is under contract with some cryptocurrency contract but we will not able to see this kind of ads after June 2018, after all contract or ads campaign gets finished.

Why Google Bans Cryptocurrency?

As no government not yet announced official statement on cryptocurrency future and following this many country rumoured to banned cryptocurrency trading and mining in future and also in cryptocurrency there are many illegal transaction is happening in which many business getting making huge money with wrong method and there are many cases like hacking or stolen coins also facing in some cryptocurrency transaction, so to maintain their reputation in future and as world biggest ads company they must to decide to stay away from such fraud website, as many highlighted ads like make more money in less month or some kind of scam like we double your investment in certain period or instant cashback or transaction made by using cryptocurrency to avoid income tax or other legal action.

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Twitter on Cryptocurrency

There are lots of rumours since google makes official announcement of ads banned there is huge possibility that twitter, snapchat other big social media will be joining very soon due negative response or report form verified user.

Google Bans Cryptocurrency
Google Bans Cryptocurrency

As we know every bad news will cause huge dropped in price which can be also called as cryptocurrency crash as in 2017 there are cryptocurrency crash which was happening very frequently means some what in 2 to 3 month gap there will be one crash report but since crypto world getting huge publicity and number of investor also increased from that there is one crash in January month but from last two there in every month there are average 2 crash happening in which after reaching to all time highest many coins falling with same rate of percentage, so all this leads to continuous dropped in number of investor and many of investor cash out their money because facing huge loss who was invested in January and February 2018.

As its official along with Facebook, Google other social media platform also planning for banned cryptocurrency ads so publisher has to choose individual advertisement platform like traffic and other Trading affiliate marketing

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  • Trading affiliate: many trading exchange platform like Binance, Bittrex, Bitfinex, Yobit and more offering some percentage of money for each referral.