Why is Ethereum Rising/Surge? | Top 5 Reason ETH Going Up

Why is Ethereum is Rising

Ethereum after maintaining 2nd position for more than one year it started decreasing since New year because low price cryptocurrency, as result Ripple is started gaining more attention of investor from worldwide because there is no transaction fees and having more speed of transaction approval than Bitcoin and Ethereum, which result Ethereum was dropped with huge percentage but as we know any cryptocurrency drops for 1 or 2 weeks then after some time it makes huge comeback in terms prices as well as in market cap value so after showing 58.79 % growth rate since from 1st January and on 8th January 2018 it shows 10.44% per day peak rate which looks very less as compare to other cryptocurrency who recently enter into top 10 position but if take look at price difference then Ethereum 1000% bigger than below top 5 cryptocurrency as there are many reason why Ethereum Price is Surge so below we have listed some expected reason.

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Top 5 Reason Why Ethereum Surge

  1. Dropped to 3rd Position: few day back Ethereum is started falling in which Ripple takes advantage and also gaining attention with steady surge rate but dropping on ranking means lower per coin price which attract more investor because they know if we invest right now it surely rise with huge growth rate in future and it takes lesser than one month to increase.
  2. Huge Dropped in Price: Ethereum as compare to Ripple charges more transaction fees and slower as number of user increased but while Ethereum was stable for two to three weeks it started losing user which result system become more faster and accept transaction faster than before, which result user started investing in Ethereum.
  3. Rise in Ethereum Based cryptocurrency: there are many cryptocurrency who worked based on Ethereum Blockchain or to buy some cryptocurrency user has to exchange ETH coin to that coin like cardano, Status coin and many of cryptocurrency on coin market cap are based on Ethereum Blockhain so the buyer of such cryptocurrency suddenly increased which directly create impact on sales on Ethereum cryptocurrency.
  4. Partnership with Major Global Corporation: as there was news coming from last few days that Ripple is closer to make partnership with different bank, so similarly Ethereum has many biggest company who investing their money in Ethereum so gain profit.
  5. Ethereum Predictions by Expert: many top trade expert already mentioned that Ethereum will replace Bitcoin and become biggest cryptocurrency of world and also shows similar price like Bitcoin in future as once BTC maximum supply gets over then Ethereum will be first choice.

ETH Price Going Up

Why is Ethereum is Rising
Why is Ethereum is Rising

ETH price is going up and already crossed 1k USD mark and till now it reaches all time high with price $1224 USD and there is huge possibility prices will cross another mark of 1.5k USD mark till end of January 2017 and main reason why ETH price is going up is fluctuation in Ripple price because from last 4 days after reaching all time high of Price 3.55 USD, Ripple started dropping with huge drop rate and reaches again to 2.6 USD, but ETH Showing small but steady growth rate which result many investor attack to ETH and now Ripple Exchange portal in Asia country are under maintenance because of sudden increase in user and as per frobes recent report ripple most of investor are from Asian country so under maintenance status also affect price of Ripple, but Ethereum technology of exchange is more advantage and many portal ready for sudden growth in users which result no delay in transaction and exchange.