Will Bitcoin Rise Continue Again in December 2017? | BTC Today

Will Bitcoin Rise?

Yes, Bitcoin Prices is started rising on 23rd December 2017 by showing 4% peak rate it again reaches to 14,500 USD and expected to reach 16,800 USD after 5 to 6 hour as after huge price drop of Bitcoin in which Bitcoin was reached to lowest price in December month with 12,000 USD and in just 3 days Bitcoin was dropped by 30% which is highest dropped rate of December month till date but along with Bitcoin other cryptocurrency also falling down with nearly same drop of 20% and everyone losing their mind because huge dropped in invested money, as we mentioned above Bitcoin will rise again reason are simple because in cryptocurrency world there is fluctuation in prices which followed some patterns some cryptocurrency rise and falls in one day difference and some of them shows fluctuations following per hour patterns, so now Bitcoin is not showing continuous graph of rise and falls from last three days but we have seen previous once bitcoin drops with huge price difference then record will be broken by making comeback and set all time high record in cryptocurrency per coin price.

How much Bitcoin Will Rise in December 2017?

Will Bitcoin Rise
Will Bitcoin Rise

Hong Kong trader who is famous for correct Bitcoin prediction noted few days back that Bitcoin till end of December month will reach 25,000 USD mark and set highest price mark till date, as we take look at per month stats of Bitcoin there is small drops in price in last two week but again once we 2 3 day away from starting new month then Bitcoin started making record and now 20,000 USD is awaited milestone for Bitcoin which was about to broken on few day ago which was just 500$ short, and competitor of bitcoin which are Ethereum and Bitcoin cash now also started showing small growth in prices now expected to settle all cryptocurrency in green single of growing in coin market cap which result people will start investing more money and which indirectly create impact on price in upcoming days.

Bitcoin Rise continue till?

I think till first week of January month Bitcoin will show peak rate and once reached most awaited record of 25,000 USD or 40,000 USD it start showing huge drop like yesterday which result again bitcoin comes into range of 15K USD to 20K USD and then maintain steady price rate till end of January month, then just again Bitcoin ready to make new record and shock the cryptocurrency world, as there are many reason why Bitcoin not rising since last few days started with sudden increase in transaction fees and transaction time, there is huge drawback of Bitcoin technology Blockchain is one user start increasing it indirectly affect performance because of block structure, as Block is to store process and information about transaction and once it feeling overload then priority changes in that Blockchain stopped accepting low amount transaction by making them hold and give more priority to big amount investments so people are worried about their investment so they recently stopped investing money in Bitcoin.

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Why Bitcoin stopped Rising?

Main reason behind Bitcoin prices remain steady and stopped rising is because huge price for per BTC so people instead of investing in Bitcoin they going for other low priced cryptocurrency like Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA who has better performance in terms of Transaction time, fast transaction accepted even and has same priority for each transaction no worry about amount of transaction invested by user, then new trouble for Bitcoin has few day ago many miner account are hacked in which millions of USD was stolen by different hacker and because of huge prices many expert hackers from Russia, Germany, south Korea and china started showing interest in hacking as while transaction there is involvement of miners and this miner hacked then transaction will be in danger now Bitcoin has to worked on security system to do more advanced feature expected to done modification in future and also biggest traders of cryptocurrency started selling their investment and warning about price bubble in Bitcoin so people is thinking about is there sign of bitcoin cash which result people starting showing less interest in Bitcoin, as per latest report from Frobes they noted Asia is going mad over Ripple, as because of huge price peak rate in per day graph, people are started investing in ripple more than Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash and now days many portal are listing Ripple for direct by with respected country currency, so initially people has to buy bitcoin then converted into Ripple but now no need to buy bitcoin which become most expected reason why Bitcoin is stopped rising now.