Will Cryptocurrency Recover? | Why All Crypto is Falling Down

Will Cryptocurrency Recover

No, there is no sign that Cryptocurrency price is recovering and many of you thinking what happening to cryptocurrency here we will explain some point which are may be possible reason all crypto is falling, right now Bitcoin dropped by huge percentage ans now about touch $6K USD mark as two month ago Bitcoin was rising with skyrocket speed and about to cross $20K mark but after China makes announcement that they are banning cryptocurrency trading and mining in their country then one cryptocurency crash happens in which all top coin who’s age over 3 month is dropped by average 30% then again after 2 months there are rumors are spreading about South Korea also banning trading and mining but later they clear this rumors but again because of this news many investor from South Korea immediately cash out their money where they invested so again there is one more cryptocurrency and again top coin gets affected and now this become top trend in cryptocurrency world.

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so back to back cryptocurrency are really harmful and now many people believe along with top trading expert thinks that there will be huge disaster is happening very soon and many of expert thinks that Bitcoin and other altcoin is fine by publishing previous year report and comparing that report to today’s price, but if take look at coinmarketcap.com where all coins is listed and sorted by market cap value then we clearly indicate that there is no chance Cryptocurrency will recover because newly launched coin who having better feature, high transaction, accept every transaction more faster than top coins, also they launched with huge maximum supply, giving huge reward along they got market place launched online in which there is direct buy option with very cheap rate, number of transaction per second is more, focused on proof of work in which every transaction details are given.

Why All Crypto Is falling Down?

now every cryptocurrency is traceable which means to Buy any cryptocurrency from any trading platform you need to pay tax amount which has pretty much huge percentage and but other investing option have less tax as compare to cryptocurrency, as initially there is no tax and there is no limit on buying any cryptocurrency, as right now increasing investor are stopped and most of people started knowing about what is cryptocurrency and many portal made easy to invest in cryptocurrency, so sudden pause in growing investor and people cashing out their because of rumors like many country going to banned trading and mining, as there are many newly launched cryptocurrency trying get legality certificate from respective country but every country government do not showing any positive response and only country right now gives legal certificate to cryptocurrency i.e. Venezuelan who launches Petro Coin to fix their continuous dropped in their currency, as they are expecting growth in their currency with cryptocurrency.

Will Cryptocurrency Recover
Will Cryptocurrency Recover

China & South Korea Country has more than 40% of investor all over the world because Bitcoin is originated in China Country and owner is also citizen of China also and many cryptocurrency is launched in south Korea but one bad news that China banning trading causes huge loss in market cap value in bitcoin and other bitcoin based exchange cryptocurrency result into they also suffering from price dropped.